Saturday, January 19, 2008

Thank You!

All you guys, thanks so much. Your wishes via the comments, email, sms all seem to have had some effect because we had a good premiere. More importantly, we had a fun premiere. Perhaps, if you've never been a part of a production you don't know this, but a production is best when the cast and crew are enjoying it as well.

I don't have photos with me right now but when I do have them, I'll put them up. Videos were shot, but they are, at an hour and a half, too long for YouTube of course. Maybe, if I can figure out how, I'll put up a clipping.

Ooh, I'm feeling all happy and excited this morning. You all enjoy your weekend, guys.



Nisha said...

Great you had a wonderful time :)

dipali said...

Looking forward to the show on the 27th!

Poppins said...

Wow. Am so happy for you ! Waiting for the pictures..

Planethalder said...

All best to you Sue, from a Bengali reader in London :-)

Sparx said...

Sue, congratulations, I'm glad it went well. I've not been by for a while and am aghast at the things some people have written - you make good points though, keep it up.

Mona said...

sue, i've been reading up on operation smile and i'm SO proud of you :)
glad everything went well, and i can't wait to see pictures.

also, your rss feed is doing strange things. saying there's an update and taking to me a page in arabic. huh?

Sue said...

Everybody -- Thank you!

Dipali -- Please book tickets, I hear we've sold out or threatened to.

PlanetHalder -- Hello!

Mona -- I know, it was behaving weirdly yesterday. Today's glitch could be because of the post which was getting messed up (a photo) and which I deleted.