Monday, January 21, 2008

Motoring Dreams (and Nightmares)

We went for The Statesman Vintage and Classic Car Rally yesterday. V's friend Sona's father attended with two cars this year (er, a '54 Aston A40 and a '51 Morris Minor convertible. I think) so we went along for the ride.

It's so cool to ride in a convertible! I've ridden in their old Sunbeam Talbot once, and I loved sticking half of myself up through the sun-roof for portions of the drive. We saw many of our old favourites and some new ones. The turnout was good, all told, which is very reassuring. The fluctuating finances of The Statesman, the lack of interest, the costs and difficulty of restoring and bringing these old cars have all been on my mind and the last time we went -- in Jan 2006 -- I was afraid that the rally would be discontinued.

This is one of those things that V and I do together. He goes along for the cars, I for the fun and we both have a grand old time. He drools over 'his' MG TCs and Jaguar SS 100s, and I sigh over 'my' gorgeous 1926 Auburn, and we are in perfect amity (or nearly) for a couple of hours. Which, as anybody will tell you, is a rare sight and needs encouragement.

This year The Bhablet went along for the first time. He was amazed at being seated in the back seat of the convertible -- where were the sides and the roof? -- and couldn't get over how he had been encouraged to climb out of his cot at 6.30 a.m. and then go on an outing. He is more used to being snarled at and told to get back to sleep. He loved the chill breeze, the long drive, all the other kids, Shreya Ghoshal singing (which she does well, I'll admit), the whole package. When I fed him breakfast we suddenly attracted a whole crowd of photographers. I lost count after the first 40 or so. He handled the attention with elan but after the first fifteen min I'm afraid I began to feel slightly spooked. I had this strong urge to dig my nose or scratch my butt or do something equally unphotogenic. I guess it's a good thing I'm not a celebrity, at that.

In the evening we were all set, V, Sona, The Bhablet and I, to go to a wedding reception. A schoolfriend of V and Sona's, Don was hosting a dinner at Middleton Chambers. Sona needed to pick up a gift and we went to the South City mall. I think it's a great place, and it's wonderful how they've brought all the big names (Ritu Kumar, Next, Guess, The Body Shop, Marks and Spencers, not to mention some other nice boutiques) next door but I'm quite sad to note that our neighbourhood will bear the brunt of all the increased traffic. We parked in a little lane nearby, did our shopping (why do men take so long in a mall?) and headed back to Ally. Only to discover that her right front wheel was hopelessly lodged in an open drain.

Did you know people shit in open drains?

It was a ghastly half hour. I started this post thinking I'd describe the incident fully, but I don't want to re-live it once more, so I won't. It was a shitty experience, pun, obviously, intended. Poor V.

We did go for the reception after all though, and the food was great and the bride rather pleasant. Met some other friends of V's, as also Barry's sister Ollie and her husband, two very nice, no-nonsense people that V and I happen to like a lot. (Although he's fond of saying that Ollie used to scare them with her sternness way back in school.)

It's been a very eventful weekend. Friday night we went for a late night supper at CCD Golpark, after the show. Saturday morning we slept in, then went to check out our new flat. The repairs are coming along nicely but I hope we get the electric connection in time. The CESC officials have been very friendly and helpful so far. We went to the South City mall in the evening (it opened 2 days before that) and came home in time to feed and bed The Bhablet at a decent hour. V and I had some words afterwards and I soothed myself by sorting out and cleaning Dana's makeup kit. This deserves some mention because it's a really well-stocked thing. It has all kinds of makeup and hair stuff. In addition, when I got married I donated some of my old makeup since I knew I was going to be gifted boxes of new makeup. So now it's really impressive. It does duty at all The Red Curtain shows and is passed around as and when required amongst theatre circles, so it was quite messy.

Sunday we were up early for the rally; The Bhablet lunched at Giga's (my mejopishi that is) and V and I watched The Ring -- the Japanese version, I mean. It spooked me well and good but V helped to neutralise the effect by calling it a video forward. (If you haven't seen it yet, sorry for the spoiler.)

We overslept this morning. The Bhablet has diarrhoea from something he ate yesterday. The washing machine has got something wrong with it and emptied all the water in each cycle all over our floors instead of into the outlet pipe. Our maid has been pissing me off for months now and has just left after sending my BP shooting some more. The day could get worse, I know, but I'm hoping it'll pick up. I have passes for this year's JUDE production tonight and I'm hoping to make it. Let's see.


Mona said...

keeping my fingers crossed for you, that indeed it does pick up.
i've been wanting to visit an antique automobiles museum here forever. i hope we can go this weekend!

Sue said...

Mona -- Thanks. :) Do see if you can make it. I love old cars. The oldest one at the rally was from 1906!

~nm said...

Wow! I so envy you? Riding a vintage car has been a big big dream for me! But I know no one who has one and can offer me a ride in it! I would just love to ride ion a convertible vintage. Wow! Just the thought makes me so happy!

vicky said...

It's a '54 Austin A40, not an Aston Martin (don't you watch Bond movies?)
You better pray S's dad won't read this if you know what's good for you!

And dearie, YOUR favourite car is an Auburn, just saying.
(har, har!!)

Sue said...

NM -- :) Well, keep your fingers crossed, you never know.

Vicky -- The first was a genuine mistake, the second a typo. I didn't have a chance to read this through. So there! :P

dipali said...

Wow! Lucky guys. I can just imagine the wee one being utterly fascinated by the convertible:)

Poppins said...

Sounds like an awesome weekend, and can quite imagine Bhab as a celebrity!

DotMom said...

sounds like you all had a lovely time. Nevwe been to a car show ever. Sorry to hear about Bhab's tummy, the maid and the washing machine.. hugs. Hope everything returns back to normal soooon.

Sue said...

Dipali -- Discombobulated, more like!

Poppin's Mom -- Oh Bhabs' a celeb in his own circles. I think he needs taking down several pegs. He's becoming a bit of a bully, which he wasn't before.

Dotty -- Yeah, machine's fixed, the maid, well, she is the way she is. In her own way she is a treasure, but such an annoying treasure! Bhabs' tummy is fine too. Until the next upset, I imagine.

Rohini said...

Glad your day went uphill - can't say the same for my month :(

Sue said...

Rohini -- Oh, poor you. It's been a mad month, na? Hey, while we're on the subject of madness, when do we expect Ayaan's kid sis? I understand 'tis the season of second baby announcements. :D