Saturday, January 26, 2008

I was going to write a proper post

... but this is a strange, nostalgic sort of feeling I've had these last couple of weeks.

Do you remember the first time you came together with somebody you were really, really into? How you looked at each other, wondering if you were reading the interest right, if those were reponses or vague nothings, if the smile was an invitation. How you felt the first time you kissed; the time you walked around, holding hands, in a world of your own; the time you started sharing jokes, secrets, building a language all your own.

I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish, I'll be your fantasy,
I'll be your hope, be your love, be everything that you need.

When you met somebody who filled the lonely hole in your heart, did you make foolish promises? Do you remember that feeling?

And when the stars were shining in the velvet sky
I'll make a wish, send it to heaven and then make you want to cry

Do you remember the buildup of the excitement, the first time you went beyond a kiss? And the hesitation, the nervousness, the awkwardness at the next meeting?

There's a scene in Proof where the younger sister gets attracted to this guy and sleeps with him. The music that we use there is so bloody haunting. It gives you goosebumps. Tui amaye pagol korli re is a slower, freewheeling version of Bondhurey and Anindya does a fantastic mini-cover of the Cactus song.

[Note: It means, 'You're driving me insane', which is obviously a brilliant song for a play about insanity and genius.]

And I've been watching Niharika and Dhruv do it so wonderfully, and it reminds me of my college self. Falling in love is such a wonderful feeling, I can understand people who keep moving from relationship to relationship just to keep the high going. And I rock back on my heels and wonder if that's what I want. But I know I already have what I want. I've got the man to hold while I sift through memories and sigh for what is never to be. I've got the man to come back to each night, grateful for his unchanging self. Best of all, I've got him to hold tight as the song goes through me.


Deep... said...

Nice post! Very nice reading to the aptly imaginative audience...

I remember you as my senior from VVS (Edison right?) and so i checked on your orkut profile and landed straight here.

Interesting to read up on a few of your blog post's. Definitely will keep coming back for more...Have a nice day!

Hip Grandma said...

Enjoy the gift of a wonderful life partner.It is the best one can have.

dipali said...

You made me remember a mushy song from my young days-

When the girl in your arms
Is the girl in your heart
then you've got everything...
when your holding the dream
you've been dreaming you hold
you're as rich as a king

So hold her tight
and never let her go
day and night
let her know
you love her so

with the love of your life
spend a lifetime of love
make her yours forever more
make her yours forever more

May you and V have a wonderful lifetime together.

Mona said...

such a beautiful post sue, so beautiful.
you and v, the best of everything, always!

david mcmahon said...

Beautiful post, Sue. It always pays to appreciate what we have.

By the way, happy Republic Day to you and the fmaily and I just wanted to tell you that you might enjoy the pictures of the VM that I posted a few hours ago on my blog.

From one loyal Calcuttan to another ...


Suki said...

That's a beautiful read... ah dammit, some day 50 bucks won't be unaffordable. Actually that would be next month, but that's too late, right?

~nm said...


Just Like That said...

:-) Sigh...
If someone had told me then that we'd fight the way we do now, I'd never have believed it...

karmickids said...

Lord Sue, you gave me goosebumps. Been there, felt that, with the same damn song. Dont ask for details. Not too proud of myself.

Sue said...

Deep -- I can't place you right away. Perhaps if there's a photo somewhere? I do have a terrible memory.

Thanks for dropping by.

Hip Grandma -- I don't know about 'wonderful'... he can be a pain in the, er, neck sometimes. A lot of the time. :) I absolutely refuse to say any more nice things about him now. His weekend quota is over.

Dipali -- Yeah, Cliff Richards in 'Summer Holiday', if I'm right. Very nice song too and very sweet scene.


Mona -- Yeah right. Someone go tell The Bhablet he's descended upon the wrong couple then. (Since we deserve only nice things...)

Aww, who'm I kidding? The Bhablet could only happen to V and Sue.

David -- Thanks. :) You must do a Cal Walk when you come next.

Suki -- Take an advance from home and come. The play is worth it, even if I say so myself.

NM -- Yeah!

JLT -- Er... we've been fighting like this ever since we got together. But I knew him for five years before that and we NEVER fought then. Weird.

I used to actually think he was sweet. Hah!

Kiran -- And you should listen to the Bengali song, I tell you.

D said...

Being in love isn't half as exciting as falling in love!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sue,

Glad you liked the pictures. Yep, next time I'm in Cal I'll definitely do the Walk.

Thanks for letting me know about the Car Rally link. I had no idea.

Hope you had a great Republic Day.

Keep smiling


dipali said...

Sue, I am most impressed!
You know about songs that are that old-WOW:)

karmickids said...

Sue, you remember the song from Khamoshi--Humne dekhi hain un aankhon ki mehekti khusbu, jism se chuke use rishtey ka ilzam na de. You know...

Suki said...

That was truly... WOW! Wonderful acting from all of you - can't single out one person. And as for the play and plot.. hehe, that needs a blog post. :D
Just came back from a fabulous dinner at Dipali's place - she dropped me home, else I'd never have taken the risk - and MAN the entire experience was worth it. It'll take two separate blog posts, the play and the dinner :D.

The Marauder's Map said...

Completely unrelated comment -- is Dhruv Mookerjee from AGC in Calcutta, was in St Stephen's in Delhi? Just checking if it's the same person I knew.

the mad momma said...

goosebumps... and wow.. was having the same conversation with the OA two nights ago.. jinx!!

okay now we can go back to being adults.

Anonymous said...

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Sue said...

D -- I wouldn't quite agree with that. Not just now.

David -- Hey. Late, late response, but hope all's well with you.

Dipali -- :D Yes, I do!

Kiran -- Oh, yes, that's a beautiful song.

Suki -- Again, sorry for the incredibly late response (I only just saw all these unanswered comments) but gosh, thanks. Glad you came. :)

Shrabonti -- Yeah, same Dhruv. Don't tell me, you knew him, right?

MM -- :) You jinxed me yesterday, babe. Jus sayin, is all.

Anon -- Come again?