Friday, January 04, 2008

Explorer Sue, the Blogging Buddy

Posting has been rather erratic of late, mostly because I've been busy either having fun or yelling at Vicky. (No, I did not combine the two activities.) And also because I've been so busy with Calcutta Walks. I've done a lot of walks in Sovabazar, including our new Sovabazar-Kumartuli one, and that's really exciting because a good part of it is in the area where the clay idols are made for pujas across the world. Chances are, if you've been to a Durga Puja somewhere, the idols came from Kumartuli. Also, I've finally got down to work on the blog, and you're welcome to take a look. Be a pal and leave a comment. We'd like to know
- what you think of walking tours
- whether you'd be willing to go for one
- what kind of stuff you'd expect on one (interaction with locals, music, getting you hands dirty, riverside walks etc.)

Oh and if you like the website, you can tell V right here. He made it and I rather like it myself.

In other news, Sparx has called me a blogging buddy. It's funny, but I'd have normally been a casual visitor to her blog and treated it like any other mommy blog were it not for for her Charlie. Now, Charlie (or Spud) is a Very Different Proposition. He is three weeks older than The Bhablet and sounds alarmingly like him. In the things they do and their general attitude to life. And it's an indication of the kind of mothers the two of us (Sparx and I) are that this fact was brought home to me on reading a post where she ponders over her son's habit of pulling his little penis all the way from here to eternity. It was something The Bhablet used to do and I lived in trepidation that he'd, er, damage something and blame me for letting him do it. (V scoffed at my fears but what would a mere male like him know about a penis?)

Anyway, so here is the cheesy-but-aww badge:

And Sparx, to answer your question -- yes, I do read my own blog. And it's NOT a mommy blog. I'm just a blogging mum (and wife).

And it made me think of my own blogging buddies:

1. Rohini -- I've exchanged emails, phone calls, a book and gifts but never met her. Looking forward to that happening someday.

2. The Mad Momma -- We've met and I'll do a post on that later. You can read her account of it in her post. But she has my ok. :)

3. J. Alfred Prufrock -- We mostly interact to trade insults, but then, it's something he's really good at, and I appreciate it. JAP, count yourself honoured at being mentioned here.

4. Poppin's Mom -- We introduced ourselves over a passionate exchange about patriotism but she doesn't know that my real reason for befriending her is to meet her adorable Poppin someday.

5. Dipali -- This list is no rating, because I guess then Dipali would have come much earlier. I don't meet her as much as I'd like, but somehow, going to her place is a little like heading back to my parents. Either you know what I'm saying or you don't.

6. Grafx -- We don't always agree but underneath it all we're not very different, I think. She designed the template for our family blog and I love it!

7. Vijayeta -- She's gone on a long break too and strictly speaking, she's more of a Facebook friend, but we 'met' in the blogworld.

My time's up and I'm off to grab a bit of rest now. I have to go book a room for my parents at a guest house nearby (they are coming next week, goody) and then The Bhablet and I are off to the Loveable sale (yippee) at the Ice Skating Rink. We hit the Christopher Taylor exhibition yesterday and loved it, and afterwards dropped in on Cousin T's mother and grandmother (my great-aunt) for a fun evening of gossip. I love winter evenings.


Poppins said...

Aww Sue, thanks ! A very happy new year to you.

the mad momma said...

yeah - you're not too bad yourself!
thanks for the aww-but-cheesy badge.


dipali said...

Thanks, Sue. I'm almost teary.
( I wonder what happened to old tough as nails, Ma-ka-Dil-less Dipali).

J. Alfred Prufrock said...

Does a Mommy-Blog produce little Bloglets?


Vijayeta said...

Hello :-) First of all, i love the idea of Calcutta Walks. I wish there could be something similar in Delhi. Cant even imagine walking in Bombay! Secondly, you've now begun to shame me into writing a new post! Or shall i say, reviving my blog :p But thanks for the mention here :-) I also realised i'm spending more time on facebook than i should. I should really go take a walk maybe ;-) P.S. I've also seen several baby boys (little nephews and friends' babies) pulling their 'little penises from here to eternity' and i've always wondered why! And they always have this smug-happy expression on their faces to go with it too! Is this why we use the expression 'Boys will be boys'? :-)

Vijayeta said...

Confession time- I'm travelling and i really dislike laptops. So i mostly use my cell phone to access the net. And that was the first time i typed a comment using it. And while typing all the line spacing seemed fine. But once i posted it i saw what a garbled mess it's become :-( Hope you can still make sense of it though :-)

Sue said...

Poppin's Mom, Mad Momma -- :)

Dipali -- Er... I showed you a Bhablet and the toughie melted? That's been known to happen.

JAP -- I wouldn't know now, would I? Because I DON'T HAVE A MOMMY BLOG. Gettit?

Vijayeta -- Please, please comment on the blog itself. Pretty please? And you do have walks in Delhi. Want me to send you a number? I know they have them in Old Delhi.

I do want to know why little boys do that. I'll wait till The Bhablet can talk and ask him, shall I? ;)

Your comment is not too garbled... I've had worse (and typed worse.) Now go write!

saptarshi said...

The website is very well done. Kudos to V. Would love to a part of Calcutta Walks.

Mona said...

aww, website looks great! and i love the idea of walking tours. definitely will comment, later, in detail. short on time now.

dipali said...

Nothing to do with The Bhablet, though of course he is delightful.
It must be old age making me this senti.

karmickids said...

Aww.... *Wailing* I am no one's blogging buddy. *Sitting in a corner to sulk and mope*. PS: Dont you worry about the pulling the P part. They finally reach a threshold of boredom with it and give it up. *So she says, with the wisdom of being mother to an older brat*.

Sue said...

Saptarshi -- Thanks [on behalf of].

Mona -- Please do. And if you know folks coming to Cal, do tell them about it. Thanks. :)

Dipali -- Ah, what's wrong with being a big ol' softy? Big ol' softies are rare on the ground and much in demand.

Kiran -- You're my Facebook buddy. And did Krish do it too, then? Didn't, er, damage anything?

karmickids said...

No dear nothing damaged except mother's voice glands screaming at him to stop doing it in front of all the oldies...

Rohini said...

Awww... thanks. I am hoping work brings me to Cal this year so that we can finally meet...