Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How I Spent My second Wedding Anniversary

This is a record of yesterday, but only of my day. I don't know how Vicky spent his, so I can't say.

I started the day with good intentions. Wrote to my aunt, "We're not planning an exciting day because I've decided to try being nice to the Deadly Duo (father and son) and that will take up all the energy I have."

And I tried. I honestly did. But The Bhablet has been having some foul moods of late. Wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, gets under my skin in two seconds flat and the day goes all downhill from there. Nothing pleases him, nothing satisfies him and nothing pacifies him. Yesterday was one such morning (and afternoon). Vicky had gone to Lake Gardens (our new flat) to wait for the CESC people. The electric supply has still not been reconnected and we were told that an engineer would visit yesterday. V spent all day and all afternoon while I tried to deal with an increasingly difficult Bhablet and finally, I totally lost it. Called up V, screamed at him, screamed at The Bhablet, spanked him and flounced off to bed. V arrived around 4ish and tried to sort things out but I wasn't having any and yelled at him some more. Because, let's face it, it's all his fault.

And then I fell asleep. I slept through phone calls and messages and The Bhablet's waking up.

Around half past seven MM (and OA) called to wish us, luckily. That finally woke me up. That and seeing the woebegone faces of father and son downstairs. So we fed The Bhablet his dinner, packed him and his necessities into fresh clothes and a bag (respectively), got dressed and went out.

We had a cosy dinner of parathas and meat and fresh lime soda at Sanjha Chulha. They've expanded and gone posher and more expensive, but I think it's still good value for money. Portions are smaller but the cooking is still excellent. The Bhablet had some tandoori chicken and parts of a tandoori roti. He first spread crumbs all over the table and then wiped up after himself with a napkin, after seeing his father do it. This may not have been such a great idea since he wiped all the crumbs on to himself, but hey, I'll give the little man points for trying.

Then V suggested gelatos at Mama Mia! I had a scoop of lemon gelato while V had one of Belgian dark chocolate. The Bhablet licked from both cones with impartial eagerness.

It was an unexpectedly nice end to a day.

I wasn't expecting flowers or cards and got none. I didn't get V a gift either, given our precarious finances. But it was the little things, the little extra special dressing up, the mutual ignoring of the son that made it a nicer anniversary than the last. (The last one was nice enough, but V earned my eternal indignation by asking Cousin J to spend the evening with us. His excuse? He thought she'd take over baby and give us time to ourselves. So I spent my first wedding anniversary with my nineteen year-old cousin, a four month-old baby and his idiot father.)

Anyway, not complaining. And MM and OA, thanks. And DotMom and Tara and Moppet's Mom and Dipali, thank you all for the cards and phone calls. Does this mean I'll have to remember your special dates now? :( You know what would be nice? A reminder along the lines of, "Hey Doofus, my birthday tomorrow. Wish me!"

Yeah, that would be considerate.


dipali said...

I guess it's alright if the spouse and I remember our own anniversary:), so Doofus, don't worry, I'll remind you if I feel like it!
The rather nice one coming up is my parents' 65th anniversary on Republic Day.
I personally think that the first two years of marriage are the toughest- chalo, you've got them out of the way:)
Glad the day improved. Is M'sieur Bhablet growing some more teeth?

Nisha said...

Great you had a good time than the previous year and lets hope your next anniversary is better than this :)

Happy Anniversary to both of you.

jayashri said...

Its good to know your day ended in a good note. i guess once kids come in either we dont have time for ourselves or else we cant stop talking about them when we are alone. Belated anniversary wishes.

Gauri said...

Belated anniversary wishes Sue :-) and here's wishing you and V many many more to come !!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Sue : You guys done it, one more year under your belt, many more to go
Many many happy returns of the day !!

GettingThereNow said...

Yeah, I'll remind you Doofus :P Promise to remind me in a similar manner?

Shobana said...

Belated anniversary wishes. Sorry the Bhablet was cranky...but good to know that the day ended on a happy note.

saptarshi said...

Hey, happy anniversary to you and V.

BTW, 'Hey Doofus, my birthday tomorrow. Wish me!' :D

Suki said...

Oops, I'm just too late!

Belated Happy Anniversary! :D

Mmm... you remind me of my own fond memories of Sanjha Chulha. It's quite hilarious, actually, and I'll post about it when I'm no longer in partial blog-denial of The Baby's identity. :P
A-Plus and treats to The Bhablet for being a gentleman and wiping his crumbs off the table :)

Sue said...

Dipali -- :) Yes, I've been suspecting teeth in the offing these last two weeks. I guess we'll know soon enough. You guys having a party on the 26th?

Nisha -- Thanks. We're aiming at outgrowing our childish sulks somewhere along the way...

Jayashri -- No, V and I do make time for ourselves. That's not the problem so much. The problem lies in The Bhablet driving us up the wall so much so that the time we do have without him, we're in no shape to do anything with it, including having a civil, adult conversation.

Gauri -- Thanks. I must mail you na? It's been a while since we traded insults. :P

TAAMommy -- Thank you. Mind you, put that way, it sounds like a daunting sort of task to me! Maybe I'll go ahead with the divorce after all and find me a nice millionaire. What do you think?

Cee Kay -- Well, didn't I remind you all? That's why I don't bother with tickers over here, although I find them useful enough on your blogs. :)

Shobana -- Thanks. Yes, the day did end rather sweetly.

Saptarshi -- It's ok, Orkut has been nagging me awhile about that.

Suki -- Thank you. Why must the boyfriend's id be denied? Doesn't he blog as well? And it's so easy for me to find out anyway. :)

Mona said...

well, all's well that ends well, i suppose.
it could be the teething huh for Rahul? poor baby.
you too.
hang in there, love.

karmickids said...

Be easy on the poor bhablet, he could be teething or generally feeling out of sorts..and a happy belated anniversary...and many more better ones ahead. The sort that the romantic novels have with the candlelit dinners and diamond necklaces (if thats your scene)

Trina said...

sunny, not chicken!!

Parul said...

Hey Sue,

I was handling the house and the kid all by myself these last few late with the wishes...but HERE THEY ARE NOW!!...happy anniversary :) Hope you guys have many more and celebrate in style!

Hugs and love

the mad momma said...

well Doofus I dont expect too much from you considering I had to call and wake you up and remind you that it was time to go out and party. besides i am not big on wishing and being wished. so no reminders forthcoming from here.

Sue said...

Mona -- Thanks. I've a gut feeling it's teeth. He usually bites non-stop, then slows it down and teeth appear after another couple of weeks. Seems like it's following the pattern. Let's see.

Kiran -- Ooh, that's totally my scene but V would ruin the whole thing by making me laugh. Not sweet, feminine, candlelight-type laughter either but the hearty hawhawhaw kind.

I know, I've been too hard on Baby. I've been trying these last two days to be easier on him.

Trina -- Yep, chicken. But they assured me it was cooked at well above 70 degrees. :) We ate at Mirch Masala tonight and didn't have any chicken. Happy?

Parul -- Thanks, but where is Padma? You poor woman! *Hugs*

MM -- Gah, now everybody is calling me Doofus. Fine, don't remind me. I'll always remember your birthday, no fear of forgetting that. :D

choxbox said...

hey belated wishes!

Sue said...

Choxbox -- Thank you. :)

Rohini said...

Darn! I missed it. Happy Belated Anniversary...

This year I forgot mine completely and remembered it halfway through the day while... wait for this... giving young, newly married advice on keeping the romance going!

Shuki said...

Uh oh... Happy Belated Anniversary! But, seriously, Sunne, am I expected to now also remember anniversaries? I do a pretty good job with birthdays, but can I skip the anniversaries and kids' birthdays?

Ok, fine, I'll be better with kids' birthdays. Umm... when exactly is Bhablet's b'day?

~nm said...

Heartiest congratulations for your 2nd anniv!

Good to know the evening was good! As they rightly say "All is well that ends well" right? :D

I know I am a little bit as they say again "better late than never" teeheehee

Sue said...

Rohini -- LOL! Our birthdays seem to be more fun and better celebrated than our anniversaries so far. Perhaps we need some of your advice?

Shuki -- Ah come on! I never asked you to remember any of them. If memory serves me right, it was you who was, er, downcast that I only remembered your birthday because of the feast in store.

The Bhablet was born on 25th of September. It's ok if you forget his birthday. He likes year-long celebrations anyway.

NM -- Thank you. :) Any time is good, really.