Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great News!

Our 'new' place has finally had its electric supply re-connected so we're moving next weekend (1st weekend of Feb.)

Oh wow.

Will explain the whole thing later. Right now we're busy being grateful..

We haven't bought it. Just moving from rented flat to another.


GettingThereNow said...


Sue said...

Cee Kay -- Yes, I've been so worried it wouldn't be ready in time. We're off tomorrow, er, today, whatever, Saturday afternoon, to clean and carry some small stuff over.

GettingThereNow said...

Moving to a new place - that too your OWN, is so much fun!! Yes, it is hard work too, but the excitement is really something else!

DotMom said...

congrats.. you guys should be proud of yourselvse for moving into a place all your own!!! Well done! :)

dipali said...

Wonderful. Now, is there anything practical that I can do to help?
Let me know.

Sue said...

Cee Kay -- Yes, but I keep stressing out that the repair work won't be done in time for us to move by Friday.

DotMom -- LOL! The last move was harder, I assure you. V's mother was hopping mad because we were leaving and we had to do everything by ourselves, only in a Cold Was atmosphere. This time his parents are excited and chipping in, so it helps. :)

Dipali -- I could do with a babysitter but are you really up to running after a toddler non-stop? Tell you what, you can spend an afternoon with at Lake Gardens babysitting while we work. If you have time, of course. Thanks for the offer either way.

dipali said...

I can certainly try! Or maybe do some work, if that's what The Bhablet prefers! We'll work it out:)

D said...