Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Christmas 2008

So it's not yet the 25th of Jan therefore it's not yet a month from Christmas and therefore this post is still not too late. What, would you rather I didn't post it?

Anyway, we had a pleasant Christmas Eve. Not to be confused with the worried Christmas Day while Vicky's father had a cystoscopy done. Cousin J stayed the night over and we had wine and plum cake. We also brought out the Tiny Tree and watched The Sign of Four. I saw at least half before I fell asleep so I think that was a good night's work. Considering I'd been up all hours the night before, er, being Santa's little helper don't you know. In the morning, we pounced on the fruits of my labour.

This is what fell to Cousin J's lot, she being a lover of all things pen-related.

With little 'money'-wrapped chockies inside.

And this is what the boy got.

In this jar. Me likey! He's not really getting the full potential of the kitchen set but hey, there's time.

And these are what I got. For Rs. 345 from Next. No, I did not miss any zeroes. Just got lucky at a sale.

And here's what Vicky got. With assorted CookieMan cookies inside. We helped him finish the box. :)

And here, to distract you from the delay in posting, is a picture of another elf that haunts our house.
Although he didn't really the cap so much to start with!


Mimi said...

aww the Bhablet is a cutie!!!lovely Pic,the Sue!

dipali said...

Adorable elf:)

Subhashree said...

Aww... elfie is a cutie!

Munchkin said...

haha...he's so precious! Have I mentioned before that he looks just like you?!

Mama - Mia said...

totally totally cute elf! or should he be called l'il santa?! lovely pics!