Sunday, December 02, 2007

Tagged -- Googling's a Mug's Game

Tagged by DotMom. Incidentally, allow me to mention that I love this tag!

Here's the explanation she offered:
Gene Weingarten started this with his column. GoogleNopes. That is what you get or rather don’t get when you type a phrase enclosed in quotes in the Google search bar. You should simply get a “No matching documents found” message. And paradoxically, once you write about it, it stops being a GoogleNope. GoogleYups are the exact opposites. Phrases, however improbable, that do get a hit.
Married women for cybersex -- GoogleYup to Sunny Days (!)

Indian first birthday outfit -- GoogleYup to Sunny Days (!)

Sue wants your attention NOW -- GoogleNope

Vicky sucks -- GoogleYup (Ok, it's all porn centred around women called Vicky but still.)

Jimmy Stewart was a real gent -- GoogleNope, even though he was!

Vicious daughters in law -- GoogleYup to Sunny Days

I am the queen of Freecell -- GoogleYup. Leads not to me to but another pretender to the throne. It will lead to me because I am the REAL queen of Freecell.

Betty Crocker should print microwave directions on her cake mixes -- GoogleNope. Well, she should!

I don't mind stinky diapers -- GoogleNope

I am a mother and I have a perfect figure -- GoogleNope

iMac G5 has a lousy keyboard -- GoogleNope

kittle-kattle -- GoggleYup to Sunny Days

My neighbours' mechanics are nuts -- GoogleNope

I'd have done more, but I want a nap. In turn, I tag RJ, Aargee and NM. Have fun!

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DotMom said...

hahahhaha. good ones! loved the betty crocker and mother-figure.