Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Ho Ho H-- to You All

It's been a great Christmas so far. Vicky turned his nose up a few days ago (I forget the occasion) and informed me that he at least was not Christian but he seemed to enjoy our trip to New Market quite as much as me (and The Bhablet) and picked out decorations with gusto. He didn't allow me to put them up or even make the chains until last evening, so I'll have to admit that the festive look around our place is all his doing. Little baubles hang from the curtains, crepe paper (twisted and in chains) adorns our walls. He even packed my wee gift and put it under our Tiny Tree where it looks just like the packages I used to decorate for my dolls. (It's the red one just behind the green car -- I got six silver charms.)

We had a small party at our place last night. Put together at the last minute. With ginger wine and plum cake from Nahoum's and lots of chips and a bowl of assorted candies. Dinner was parathas and mutton pasanda. I brought out my beloved Corelle set once more, this time using the serving bowls and quarter plates as well. And I brought out my linen napkins... seriously, I know they need washing and ironing but they look so much classier and are so much more comfortable than paper napkins!

This is V's gift, the one he chose, and these are some of what The Bhablet received. The bath book unfolding into a pirate's island (complete with removable pirate and water-squirting cannon) is a gift from Aunty Dana.

Anjita and Bodhi came over and later, DrD and Mrs. DrD. The Bhablet had a blast and so did his parents. They interrupted V midway through his wall art, so he only 'finished' it after they left. And since he was sleepy and tired, he refused to write out Christmas and ended up with this:

Afterwards, nearing midnight, when the guests had gone home, we went for a drive. To my sorrow I saw that St. John's wasn't holding a midnight mass. We drove around some in the Dalhousie/Brabourne Road/Park St. area but the car was so cozy I refused to get out anywhere and fell asleep holding onto a (sleeping) Bhablet. What fun. Came home, managed to shoo V to bed after much persuation and filled stockings. Now those two beasts are sleeping while I had to get up for the maid. Humph.


Mona said...

aww, lovely photos and a lovely account of christmas eve!
merry ho-ho-ho to you and yours!

Moppet's Mom said...

Merry ho-ho-h to you too! Or as Moppet's been going around saying 'Happy to you' :-)

hack said...

do you have more christmas stories? i LOVED this one.

Rohini said...

That tree is so CUTE... glad your Christmas was merry.

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

Loved the post.
You keep changing your profile writeup, Whats up?

Itchingtowrite said...

cute, loved the island.. neat!!

panu said...

fabulous Christmas i must say!!

make merry!!

Anonymous said...

Does he sleep with his spectacles on ?

Anonymous said...
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Sue said...

Mona -- :) Thanks. Hope yours was great too.

Moppet's Mom -- I have to admit, I've been stealing her line ever since I read this comment. Give her a huge, Christmassy hug from me, will you? Thanks.

Hack -- :) I have a terrible story from last year, but I'm not telling.

Ro -- Yeah Tiny Tree's a looker, even if I say so myself. It was a great Christmas, and I think it has made up for last year. I hope yours was as full of love as ours.

Anitha -- I dunno. Am trying to find a way to describe myself. I seem to bore of the writeups very fast.

Itchy -- Thanks, I'll tell V. It was all planned out by him.

Panu -- Yes, it was. Hope yours was as merry.

TAAMommy -- Not usually. He had got up to open the door to the maid, and fallen asleep with them on afterwards.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

OMG that tree is adorable!

And on an unrelated note, I want plum cakes too. Sigh. :(