Thursday, December 20, 2007

It's late at night

and The Bhablet's not well, and V's actually gone to bed before me, so, before I leave, I'll leave you guys with links to some videos I've been surfing.

These commercials were all banned for a reason, so remember, they are only adult content!

My favourites?

Collection of 4, I just love the second:

An old, old favourite:


RJ said...

These were funny. Btw, I did the tag. Its here

Anamika said...

Hilarious. I liked the men in the sauna :)

By the way, am going ahead and adding you to my blogroll. Presuming I have your permission.

mummyjaan said...

Yes, they were funny. I wonder why the second one in the "collection of 4, just loved the second" was banned. It makes its point *very effectively*, doesn't it?

Hope the Bhabhlet's better.

vicky said...

What, you haven't seen these before? They're part of the 100 or more funny videos we have. It's what we inav ppl call the bidhan collection...

Sue said...

RJ -- Thanks!

Anamika -- Why on earth would I refuse? Go right ahead, and thanks!

Mummyjaan -- I love the way the man looked! Yes, The Bhablet's better now, thanks for asking.

Vicky -- You dare take that name in this sacred space?!