Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Photos from L's Wedding

From our trip to Hyderabad, in August 2007.

At our guest house. When we moved to Hyd in 1992 we stayed here for a few weeks. So it was a little bit like going back [to a] home.

Breakfast on the morning of the haldi ceremony:

The bride-to-be and the bride-that-was.

Me doing married women stuff for L. We spoke of these things often as kids. Now we are both married. Gosh!

He got this dhuti-kurta set for his annaprashan (rice ceremony) 3 months earlier. Seems to have outgrown them at last!

The Three Devils -- BD (Big Devil), MD (Middle Devil) and SD (Small Devil) in a row. We used to be the brats in our time. Now BD has one of her own. Hmmm...

Same shot, different light. Posting to show off my saree. Don't I look all Gult here?


choxbox said...

awesome pix. rahul looks soo cute in the red kurta.

Sameera said...

i agree with choxbox
really cute pic of rahul

he looks so mild and well mannered.. hehe :)

nice pics of u too.. :D

March Hare said...

i looked at the dhoti kurta pics 4 times already. can't get over it. ooooofffff...boddo mishti. :)

Sue said...

Choxbox -- He has a sherwani-pajama set that he'll wear for the first time on 14th, for an uncle's wedding. Can't hardly wait!

Sameera -- He does, doesn't he? So much for appearances! And thank you for the belated compliment. I think.

March Hare -- As I said, so much for appearances.

~nm said...

He looks just so adorable in the Dhoti Kurta!! What a lovely pic that is!

And a close up of you looking so pretty in all the jewelery and new saree and would have been nicer :)

Looks like all of you had tonnes of fun!! Thats what Indian weddings are all about! Lots of fun + lil bit of tensions + lil bit of drama by relatives! Right?? :D