Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Modern Indian Father

So I was in the kitchen the other day, doing what I usually do, when in came V with The Bhablet hanging onto him like a fungus precariously balanced. Go on, picture it.

*Waits for appreciative chortles to fade*

Thank you. Well, so there was I, cooking, and there was V, trying to fuss over the amount of food I thought he should have.

Me: (brandishing spoon) Look, you should be ashamed of yourself. Thanks to you I end up eating leftovers all the time.

V: What--?

Me: Yes! When you don't eat the amount that has been cooked for you it stays on as continuing fractions and keeps lingering in the 'fridge and I have to eat it long after it was cooked. And you eat all the freshly cooked stuff! The cheek!

V: I didn't ask you to eat the leftovers! You could always serve them to me.

(I take a moment to imagine my mother and aunts' combined horror should I ever do such a thing. Not sure I haven't, come to think of it.)

Me: (recovering) Certainly not. Then who would eat the fresh stuff? You should just appreciate the way I've turned myself into a typical bharatiya nari (Indian wife) for you.

V: Who's the bharatiya nari here, I'd like to know? Just look at me.

And I turned. And conceded the point. Standing there with his hip thrust out and a baby perched on that hip in the way of all rural babies and mothers, he looked the part like I never have.


First Rain said...

Bravo, aadarsh bharatiya dampatti. :D

dipali said...

Lovely! One bhartiya nari in a dampati isn't enough anymore:)

Mona said...

seriously true.
my dad's always saying he wishes he'd taken a more active role in bringing us up, like he does now with hana.
getting down and dirty with it. no to say he wasn't there, he always was. but you know the traditional roles applied!

aargee said...

hahahahah.. just couldn't stop laughing reading the post. Especially the last part...

aargee said...

hahahahah.. just couldn't stop laughing reading the post. Especially the last part...

~nm said...

hahaha! I hope you clicked a pic of V holding Bhaeblet like that! Tell me you did! :D

Parul said...

HA HA HA...perfectly conjured up're priceless!

karmickids said...

Beautiful beautiful. Now for a picture of the same said pose.

Sue said...

First Rain -- Yep, bravo indeed.

Dipali -- No sir, certainly not. And with a Bhablet in the middle, even two may be too little. *Sigh*

Mona -- I think it's great your father says as much. My father didn't and still wouldn't (I think). But somehow things are entirely different where grandchildren are concerned.

Aargee -- Yes, I have to admit it was really funny. Life with these two often is.

NM -- I didn't. But it's a common sight, so I can.

Parul -- Yeah? So I tell V but he ain't listenin'.

Kiran -- Yes, I was missing one while posting. Will take as soon as opportunity arises.

Suki said...

hilarious. LMAO!

mummyjaan said...

Wow, Sue, such conversations are so universal! I am amazed. De-lurking today to add that just last week we had a chat on those lines (about the amount of food left over which he never touches).

And carrying the baby on the hip? Yeah, DH is an expert at it.

Sue said...

Suki -- Well, you know what you mean!

Mummyjaan -- Oh hi there. Now I wonder what men imagine happens to the leftovers?