Thursday, November 01, 2007

Looking for a Groom?

Here is one profile on

Cheerful, fun-loving, professionally driven and responsible.

At 29 he holds almost 12 years of work-ex with leading FMCG, Bankng and Telecom Majors.
Currently pursuing the Executive Programme in Business Management from IIM Calcutta.
Looking for someone who is not complicated, lives for the day... laughs a lot. We don't expect her to come and take charge of the kitchen... she will be considered an integral part of this family... as a daughter... her career and views will be of equivalent amount of importance as his... Marriage is just not two people... it's two families and extended families... this alliance should make two families one large family... without any bindings and barriers

Since I know him personally I can vouch for all that, especially the hardworking bit. And I can tell you that he is sexy, kind, loves children and likes pets. He has told me that it's my duty as his boudi (sis-in-law) to find him a nice girl, so this is my attempt. (Ei tui, I hope you are reading this!) He is fairly attractive too.

He doesn't have any specifications as to caste, religion etc. so long as they don't expect him to turn religious and so long as they are at least part Bengali.

If you know somebody who is looking for a Bengali match for a girl, please let me know and I'll put you in touch.


Rohini said...

Ooh.. when did you change your profile - bharatiya nari and all that... all I have to say is 'Yeah Right!'

Aankhi said...

Oh..I was under the impression that the person in question has already found his match..Thanks Sue, your post has been an eye opener.

Rimi said...

Who is the 'Ei tui'?

~nm said...

Sue turned Match Maker ehh? Interesting :)

Liked the wordings for the ad though! Quite innovative and interesting!

Parul said...

Sue - this WAS unexpected! Which I guess is only to be expected from you. What is he getting you in return of this huge favour?

And hey - that changed profile could really confuse your new readers...or is that the intention??

Y said...

Me! Me! I'll Marry Him...wait...sorry, can't do it. Am already married. Sorry.

Sue said...

Rohini -- Oh? And what about my impressive qualifications as listed, eh?

Aankhi -- How was it an eye-opener?

Rimi -- Gangaram.

NM -- Oh I didn't write the para. Just copy-pasted it. :)

Parul -- I don't think he sees it as a favour. Considering I sorta, kinda, had a tongue in a cheek all through. All though, of course, it's true enough, and he's a great guy.

Y -- LOL! He doesn't know what he's missing. Particularly Peanut, yeah.

shreya said...

My two cents... i was looking for a bengali match(not for myself) and had contacted a profile very similar to this.But in reality,these guys are nowhere near as upfront as they are in their profiles.They would think nothing of playing around with a young girl's emotions and then dumping her or spin the most atrocious lies to get out of a situation that they themselves had created in the first place. God knows what makes them do it? Perhaps some deep insecurity or a scarred past?? So my advice is to be very very wary of such profiles.

Actually, the truth is we think we know a person, but hardly do!

Sue said...

Shreya -- I know what you're talking about and yes, it's quite scary. This guy though is all that and more, so I felt quite safe in recommending him. Anyway, he's married now and I hope he'll be happy. He deserves it.