Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Leaving on a Jet Plane

A dear friend is in India. I haven't met her since I got married, and so I'm off for a day to Hyd to meet her. She wants to meet The Bhablet, so he goes with me (and thus I tell myself I had a choice in the matter).

The plan was for a 24-hr trip. Now it has become a week-long affair because it's Ma's birthday tomorrow, as Baba kindly pointed out, when he reminded me that Hyderabad is not so far from Madras, as an aircraft flies.

I hate being emotionally blackmailed!

Now all my plans for the week are upset. And I'm getting knowing grins from the Calcutta folks. You can wipe your own knowin grins off, as well.

Here is a bit of interesting trivia:
Nov 2006 -- Cal to Madras 1
Dec 2006 -- Madras to Trivandrum (en route Kanyakumari) and back 2
Dec 2006 -- Madras to Cal 1
Feb 2007 -- Cal to Madras and back 2
March 2007 -- Cal to Delhi (en route Gurgaon) and back 2
May 2007 -- Cal to Madras 1
Aug 2007 -- Cal to Hyd and back 2
Oct 2007 --Cal to Madras and back 2
Nov 2007 -- Cal to Hyd, Hyd to Madras, Madras to Cal 3

16 flights in 14 months. And in May 2007 he came back from Madras in a train. AC 1, no less. He is also a regular on the Calcutta public transport these days. A familiar sight on buses, autos and taxis, is our Bhablet. Has been places on the Metro too. Hasn't boarded a tram so far because the tramlines are not close to our place. When we did the Blank Noise walk last Friday, he was there, walking with V (and attracting not a little attention).

Kids these days, I tell you. Flighty young things.


Itchingtowrite said...


saptarshi said...

The Bhaeblet is The Bhaeblet. He will fly to places! What do you expect loony bun? :D

Tithi said...

amazing! and kudos to you! I know many such moms who just won't go anywhere because they don't want their kids to travel!

RJ said...

Wow! I envy you. I would love to travel but doesn't happen. I have 3-4 flights a year that too if I travel from US to India. If I don't, 0 flights a year.Sigh.
Have a safe trip and enjoy!

choxbox said...
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mummyjaan said...

That's a lot of air travel in a year. I get nervous flying once a year - but then, my 'flight' is a much longer one.

Lekhni said...

It's amazing how things have changed in India.
My 3 yr old nephew in India had always flown everywhere. So when he took the train recently, he found it very novel. And he was wondering where the train hostesses were.

the wannabe indian punkster said...

How can you call the Bhablet flighty when he accompanied you on the Blank Noise walk?


Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

The Bhablet is very well traveled for a 1 year old! I wouldn't have done it so many times though, traveling with Nikki is a nightmare for me.

Anansi said...

Well he has a gmail account now all that remains with all this flying is a frequent flyer enrolment! ;)

Sue said...

ITW -- Sure. :)

Saptarshi -- Do you suppose it's all because of the article. Suppose he had been any old Bhablet?

Tithi -- I think they don't want to travel with their kids. And I can understand why, keeping them fed, clean and amused can be such a pain during a journey.

RJ -- I hate flying, to tell you the truth. Both for myself and with a kid. Do you guys drive out to weekend getaways? That would be my favourite kind of travelling.

Choxbox -- No way, you guys have definitely got us beat. We've spent all our money keeping Indigo Airlines afloat this year... don't think we can afford it any more!

Mummyjaan -- Yeah, I hate long flights. Actually, any flight longer than an hour. :)

Lekhni -- I think something similar happened to The Bhablet in his one train journey. It was moving, but it was not a car, not an aircraft... he loved it.

Punkster -- Tauba, tauba. Or if you will, shiv, shiv.

Anitha -- It's a rare kid who has problems with the air pressure, my doc told me, and that apart, especially when younger, they like it. When older, they hate having to be in one place for so long. That's why The Bhablet gives me such hell now... :(

Anansi -- Well, a few other people, including an air hostess, did say the same thing!

Sameera said...

welcome to the city of nawabs- apna hydie :)

GettingThereNow said...

Tagged! Probably for the same one as Itchy's :D

dipali said...

What a well travelled Bhablet we have. When do you get back? I see I'll have to make an appointment to meet the young traveller!