Thursday, November 08, 2007

I Win!

V is working on a website right now as I type. He leaned over to my lowly Windows laptop and asked me to check out a page he is working on. Seemingly, some button refuses to stay put. He sounded rather frustrated.

I smiled pityingly at him and pointed out that it is pretty incompetent of him not to be able to fix a button on.

He glared at me, nicely blended with haughtiness, and told me to do it myself, if I thought I could do a better job.

I smiled sweetly at him and said that my button-fixing skills were far superior to his. As he should know, because do I not replace all the buttons that go missing in this house (if they are replaced at all, I admit)? And I think I shall go out on a limb and say I do a darn professional job at it.

His only response was a rather amateurish belch. So much for witty repartee.


Just Like That said...

Happy Diwali, gal! And to your loved ones too. Will be back to read and comment.

dipali said...

Ha! Cheers the the button-waalis, I say.

Squiggles Mom said...

Happy Deepavali to your loved ones and you!!
Hail the button :)

Squiggles Mom said...

Oh and I like the new 'About Me'.

Sue said...

JLT -- Thank you!

Dipali -- Yay, cheers to me too!

Squiggle's Mom -- Thanks, and thanks! And I like it too, but Rohini is being rude about it. I've decided she's just jealous because she didn't get to do an MA. What do you think?

~nm said...

Hahaha..good one that was! I so love your wittiness! I'm one of those who are such tube lights when it comes to saying witty things at the right moments. I will always think of something much later! :P

P.S. In case you are wondering why I'm posting comments on such old posts, I had been away from blogs (comps to be precise) until this Monday. So catching up on all the previous posts from all! :)

Sue said...

NM -- Yes, I was wondering! Welcome back, then. Oh and I'm also one who thinks of smart comebacks way too late. Which is why I instantly blogged the one time I did think of one on time!