Saturday, November 17, 2007

I am SO sleepy

that I'll only jot down quickies. And if I remember when I have the time, I'll try to write these things up in greater detail. Because they are all very interesting.

1. TS' first birthday party at KFC, Middleton Row yesterday. Kudos to his mother for her enthusiasm and planning. And I love the return gift The Bhablet received -- an inflatable PushMePullYou. You know, those blown-up toys with weighted bottoms. You punch them and they swing back at you. I love them. We're just saving this one until The Bhablet bites a little less. Found him trying to chew on the balloons at KFC last night. Loved TS' beautiful blue and gold Chinese outfit and how his mother remembered to not only bring toys but also a playmat for him and The Bhablet. I am also that organised when expecting young guests, and that is why I appreciate the planning that went behind it all.

She actually stayed up till past midnight hanging up streamer all around the room just so that he could pull them down later. I mean, wow!

2. The first Blank Noise Project Kolkata (BNPK) intervention finally happened today. After lots of delays because of bandhs, rallies, bad weather and bright ideas (we had to delay so as to work in the bright ideas), we finally got our act together and on the road this evening. You can check out some of the photos here. The walk photos are at the bottom but the folks on the top are all people who've been joining us, helping us brainstorm and cheering us on all this time, so they are all part of it too.

It was an incredible experience, but it deserves a post all to itself. And one of the highlights was seeing Dipali after ages, looking very pretty with her new (to me) haircut.

3. I'm not getting any of my visiting done and folks everywhere are complaining of how I keep promising to drop by and then don't.

4. Was maidless for seven days from last Saturday, and she finally turned up this morning. V and I managed, not too badly. That included sweeping and swabbing the floor, dishes, cooking, everything. I'm actually rather proud of us right now.

5. The cyclone Sidr missed us perhaps but the mercury has dipped sharply and we are already sleeping without fans and The Bhablet has been in socks and diapers all day since the last two days. It's only the middle of November, for crying out loud!

6. Goldy, a person whose name is taken at least thrice daily in our house, has had six puppies and two are golden like their mother and four are beautifully black, like their father, I presume. More about this later.


dipali said...

Thank you muchly:)
Now, young Sue, when do we meet?

Sue said...

Dipali -- I honestly don't know. I'm going to call you one day and ask you to meet me in 10 min. If I keep waiting for a free afternoon it's never going to happen...