Saturday, November 03, 2007

And I'm Still Online

So I thought I'd preen a bit on being tossed the Rockin' Blogger Girl badge a third time. Yep. Thanks, Kiran. So you see, Loony, you were spot on. (I forget which post got me your compliment so I'm not linking, but I remember the compliment -- way before there was the badge.)

I would like to dedicate this, ahem, award to my darling husband (well, he's asleep so obviously we are not fighting right now, so an endearment is safe) who has set up the wi fi thingies on our broadband router so that I can now take my laptop all over our flat. So now I don't have to surf the 'net all alone downstairs in the middle of the night, I can enjoy it in the comfort of our bed. What joy! Muah, darling man, muah, muah, muah.


Anonymous said...

Everyone should see this.. Enjoyy!

Sue said...

The Anonymous -- Have been 'internalising' PostSecret, have we?