Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Trying to Catch the Memories as They Fly By

We had a guest over for lunch yesterday. (Aleksandra, a Polish journalist. For the records. And afterwards Shuktara came to check out my sari blouse patterns. Aso for the records.) Anyway, so I was cooking. Now, my cooking skills are improving but are still fairly limited. So, a special lunch at our place will probably rate you a rice-chicken curry. If you are veggie like Aleksandra, you get luchi (maida puris), chhola'r dal, begun bhaja (fried aubergines) and some water. Dessert, if we remember. We did yesterday, so Aleksandra got some mishti doi (translation needed?).

Anyway, while I was making this sumptuous repast V had gone to wake The Bhablet from the morning nap. (He -- meaning V -- came and fried those aubergines later, but that's another story. Incidentally, he does an excellent job of that.)

So they came down from the mezzanine, The Bhablet perched on his shoulders, looking adorably sleep-mussed and V chuckling at a joke he insisted on sharing:

V: Doesn't he look exactly like the Yeti in Tintin in Tibet?
Me: What? No, he does not! Now go away, I'm busy.
V: No, he does! Go on, look at him properly. See all that hair sticking up at the top of his head? Exactly like the Yeti.
Me: He does NOT. Now go away, both of you.
V: I refuse to move until you take a proper look at him and agree with me.

(Cornered and harried, I look at them and quickly look away.)

Me: (less convincingly) No he doesn't, now go away this instant.

(Exit V. Re-entry in roughly 30 seconds.)

V: NOW will you admit that he looks like the Yeti?

I look up and see him holding a bewildered Bhablet in one hand and the comic, opened at the appropriate page (the Yeti charges Tintin and Co.) in the other hand.

Me: (speechless)

V: He even acts like him.

The lengths some people go to, I tell you.

The afternoon went on to be unexpectedly nice. I was tired, but The Bhablet ate up his lunch, Aleksandra seemed to enjoy hers and Shuktara dropped in while we were eating, so we had quite a little party. She played with The Bhablet's toys while A took some photos. V sat and grinned. I took the weight off my feet. The Bhablet? He enjoyed the company. Always does.

Rehearsals in the evening. The Bhablet is a major distraction when you're trying to learn lines.

And, now for the grand finale:

The Bhablet and I were picked up by V and came home by 2030, The Bhablet was fed, changed, washed, massaged and sound asleep by 2130 and I had some me time with Lord Edgeware Dies on the couch before falling asleep by 2230. I missed dinner but I slept on till 0830 this morning. Not bad, huh? Given that I've taken to sleeping at 0300 these days? Have designated today as Day of Rest so am not cooking. V is making The Bhablet's rice and he (R, not V) can have that with whatever we have. Look, I'm posting at 1300!!!


Mona said...

oi! you and v are truly perfect for each other!

Moppet's Mom said...

LOL! The other day Moppet's Papa spent 15 minutes explaining to me how it was logical that Moppet was in reality a Klingon (a star trek alien species in case you aren't that sort of geek :-)

Actually, that's stuff for a post in itself. Hmmm...

Rohini said...

You call that limited cooking skills??? Really??? That's in multiples of mine...

Poppins said...

Laughing at the picture, I agree with you, he's so not the Yeti

D said...

Hey, you seem to have a rather interesting life! Or you make it sound interesting!

Loony Libberswick of Llapland said...

Haha, incidentally, that yeti is my all time favourite character :)
And I'm dyiiiiing for some luchi-begun bhaja right now, thanks to you! Oh, and did I tell you? You're son is absolutely gorgeous!

Sameera said...

i loveeeeeeeeeed the fried aubergine i had at kolkata

all nostalgic now..

really cute pic of R.

Sue said...

Mona -- So I shouldn't divorce him after all? Not even for my millionaire (when he comes by?)

Moppet's Mom -- Oh I know what a Klingon is. Now, I seem to remember A Certain Mother calling her child Baby Voldy. Perhaps you, Moppet's Papa and V ought to form a club.

Rohini -- Of the three items V made one. And one other was dal... Considering I cook almost everyday, that's not exactly cheering. Oh, my cook starts work today!

Poppin's Mom -- This photo was taken later. (Don't tell V, but with Rahul's hair sticking up, I have to admit there was a certain similarity.)

D -- No, I'm afraid my life is interesting. Two cartoons in the house, you see. At it all day.

Loony -- No, but feel free to mention it any time you like. :) If you ever feel like dropping in on us I'll make you some luchi-begun bhaja, ok?

Sameera -- Yes. I used to think it looked terrible and so didn't taste it for the first 24 years of my life. Feel so stupid now.