Saturday, October 06, 2007

There's a Song Written by the Hand of God

MM tagged me with I Love Lucy's latest tag (rules here).

So what's our song, V's and mine? Shakira's Underneath Your Clothes.

V and I had recently got together. Late one night I was listening to this song when I realised that it described V and me pretty well. He picked up the pieces and taught me to feel again. That sounds melodramatic but you don't know how low I'd got. For nearly 6 weeks I had stayed at home mostly, sitting in silence against my bedroom wall, waiting to feel better, dying inside trying to accept that the love of my life was going, that I couldn't even dream about him any more. And then came V and late night calls that kept me distracted, and excursions out, and constant teasing, and slowly, I came alive again. It was a long time ago but the pain feels like it's only just gone. And I hope I never forget how it felt to let the pain and love go.

The next time V came over I sang it for him. And I remember the look in his eyes. And it's been our song since then.

I seem to be getting some new readers these days. And mostly, I don't know their stories. So you know, if you've started reading Sunny Days in these last six months, do pick up this tag and come and tell me. I'd love to hear the story behind your song.


utopia said...

i came through anansi's blog and one time i actually sat and read you whole blog.(yeah yeah i use to have all the time in the world) felt like a story book :). thats what they are i guess.storybooks of our lives. i don't have an "our" song as yet. hope someday i do. but i do have "that thing you do" right now." it reflects my state of mind right now. :)

Sue said...

Utopia -- Welcome. I love that song myself (used to know all of it, probably still do!).

the mad momma said...

i'm glad i wrung that out of you :)

upsilamba said...

hey Sue,

just dropping in for a quick hello.
I am one among the 'new readers you get' these days.

Love your writing. Hugs to Bhablet.

Sue said...

MM -- It's no secret.

Upsilamba -- Welcome and thanks. The Bhablet sends a suspicious stare in return (that's his usual response to a hug from an unknown person.) :)

Asheesh said...
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Asheesh said...

I find your blog very interesting. It relates to my life so well. We got married very young (25/24) and had our "Olemuni" within almost a year (26/25), have faced some similar challenges with my family and guess what both my wife and me are cancerians.We also have violent tempers but are back on talking terms in about an hour after the fight, never longer than that.

Now coming to our song is "Wonderwall" by Oasis. You can listen to the song and find the lyrics here .

Sue said...

Hi Asheesh. Sorry, somehow missed replying to this comment. Yes, I know 'Wonderwall' very well and I think it's so cool it's your song!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the song !!
I have been searching for it !!

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