Thursday, October 04, 2007

Tag -- Dream for a Theme

Heh. Allow me a moment to sit back and admire my choice of title. Anybody else here grew up on Cliff Richard?

Kiran tagged me to write about my dreams. Funnily enough, [a reporter from] our local tabloid called this morning asking me for sound bytes about day-dreaming. Seemingly Ronaan Roy (Katy's son) told her I do a lot of that... I pitched into him at the line-learning rehearsal this evening, because, honestly, when do I sit still long enough to dream? If I'm still I'm usually asleep or halfway there. He grinned disarmingly, as he always does (this family's strong on charm, and he's got it in spades) and disclaimed. His startled mother exclaimed, 'But this child has no time for dreaming, how did you get such an idea?'

True. But once I dreamed a lot. Till I was 18 and came to Cal and got a life, I spent my entire childhood dreaming. So I'm writing about the dreams that came true or seem likely to or had a lasting effect on me.

1. Marriage. I dreamt when I was 13 that I was lying in bed, being held by my husband from the back. (I know, precocious.) That was the most secure feeling in the world somehow. And since then I looked for the same feeling. That's how I knew whether a person was worth a relationship, and that's how I knew V was the one. (So yes, making out if not actual sex before marriage gets a thumbs up from me.)

2. Kids. Last year, when I was pregnant with Rahul, I had this eerily clear dream early one morning. (I find the early morning dreams the most articulate and structured, do you?) I dreamt that I was staying in this nursing home with my eldest son, who was ten and had fractured his elbow (I think). V was handling the younger two, a son (4) and a daughter (5) (could have been the other way around). He'd brought them to meet us, and I remember explaining to them that since their brother and I had to be away for some more time, they must look after thier father and make sure they all ate and stayed clean and didn't fight. It was such a sweet dream, and all three children were such darlings. And since then I've often wondered if that is what my future holds for me.

3. My father. Four years ago I dreamt for three days on end, of my father as a young boy (funny, because I don't have any photographs of him as a young boy) and he seemed to be in trouble, to be running away and hiding from something evil. I couldn't dismiss these dreams, they were so persistent, so eventually I called up my mother and told her. She's a believer in dreams, that is to say she doesn't take them lightly, and after I finished my recital, she went very quiet for a while. Then she told me that Baba had been ill and that they hadn't wanted to worry me so I hadn't been informed.

4. I often have these visions of the worst happening to V and R. I know these are just my fears but these come like sudden flashes while I'm going about my work, and I hate the way they scare me. Especially when there is nothing to fear.

5. This is not a dream precisely but more of an intuitive feeling. You know E? The friend I keep missing? Well, she and I have this weird connection. Weird as in uncanny. Since 2000 we have been living in different cities, states and now countries. Now the feeling is weaker but until about two years ago, I'd suddenly sense she was in need. And every time I acted upon that feeling it turned out that she really was going through some sort of low, whether it was a bout of depression or bad news or plain old bad luck. I met her online last night after nearly a month and we spent 15 min or so chatting, and I contacted her precisely because that feeling suddenly came on very strongly once more. She and I don't question it any more. It's very strange because I don't have these flashes for anybody else. Sometimes I can sense that it's time I went to The Bhablet but it's nothing like these urgent feelings.

And I tag Aargee, Yashodhara, Sparx, Anansi and Pat. Come, tell me your dreams. (Cross my palm with silver and I will tell you what they mean.)


Mona said...

i agree with you about the morning dreams.
and i hate, absoluutely hate, how i'm always terrified of something happening to not just z and hana but my folks and siblings too.
it drives me crazy. i call every single one of them up as soon as i hear sirens anywhere, or of an accident. really, it gets to me. i want to stop worrying because it's not like any of these things are in my hands anyways.

the mad momma said...

ah gypsy woman... wish i coulid remember my dreams... i'd happily cross your palm with silver.

Mona said...

i like the idea of the bucket with water and savlon. i washed them right after because i don't like the idea of letting them lie stale for that long.
adn thanks for the advice, i'll try it and see how it goes. the last few nights i've just been using the pacifier. it works okay, only thing is she'll wake again if it falls out; which it does as soon as she's fast asleep.
i'll try water tonight. and let you know how it goes.
thankee much, again.

Sparx said...

I love dreams and how people dream them... I used to keep books of all my dreams. Let me have a good think about my most recent ones and I'll post soon. Took me a while to find which of your blogs it was on!

p@tr!(k said...

Sunny, you're on!

Anansi said...

Done! Now tell me what they mean. Shall do the crossing palm with silver on facebook or next time when i meet you. Fathermotherpromise bolchi!
P.S. Change my name on your sidebar pls?.. me big fan of anonymity ;)

Anamika said...

Hey Sue..

I love that Cliff Richard song..
btw our own pal pal from munna bhai is a copy of that music.

Talking abt dreams - this write up was such a relief for me..
I have lots of "dreams come true " happening with me ..
some funny - while in college i dreamt one of my best frnds and roommate having her periods and she didn't have pad/tampoon and she is in a mess and here i wake up and she is dressed in the same salwar i had dreamt abt , i tell her not to wear that dress to college and she laughs at my dream saying she is 15 days away from her period and when i get back from college .. she is sitting there asking me y did i have to dream abt her :-) .. she indeed did have her period and she wasn't prepared and had to bunk her classes and run to the hostel..
Years later she is expecting her 1st baby and i dream that she has baby girl .. this dream was early morning .. i call her up to tell abt t dream and her husband picks the phone and says she delivered a baby girl just a minute back ...

while i was dreaming her delivering the baby she was actually doing that ...
There r many more of such dreams that turned true.. some i wish had just stayed as dreams like my best frnd's mother's death ...i had even dreamt the colour of saree in the coffin and it was indeed the colour of her wedding saree in which she was draped for her final journey ...

sorry for leaving such a long comment..
but i used to wonder y am i getting such weird dreams and y do they become true.. i tried reading Freud to find answers to my qns .. but they were too analytical..

Take care

Anitha said...

You've been tagged!

Sue said...

Mona -- Yes, I want to stop the worrying. Drives my loved ones batty.

MM -- And you'd be hoodwinked, dearie. True gypsy fashion. Why'd you want to know? You already got your tall dark and handsome.

Sparx -- Ah yes. Don't worry, I'll only ever call ppl to this blog.

Pat -- Good man!

Anansi -- Done, and I'm sorry. Kept meaning to. About the reading, you really want me to?? Why??

Anamika -- Maybe it's a connection you form like I have with E? Only, while I needed a special relationship to form it, you tune in easier? See, all of these can have specific scientific reasons. E.g. the pheromones your friend would send out just before a period might've been registered by your brain without you realising it. Happens all the time and ppl call it intuition or being psychic.

Frued requires some help to understand, particularly to learn to apply to one's own dreams, I think.

Anitha -- Will do.