Monday, October 01, 2007

Some More Gifts

A few days ago The Bhablet received some more birthday gifts. Despite Rohini's misgivings, they were only a day or two late.

When we opened the parcel (and boy do we love opening parcels -- V and I snatched it away from The Bhablet because, you know, he really cannot cope with cellotape yet. Not because we wanted to open it. Not much) out tumbled a book, a truck and a bib. Underneath them all was a card with a little letter from Ayaan.

The Fisher-Price truck that tips its load (a little red ball which manages to get lost every half hour on an average) is The Bhablet's new favourite toy. Which is a good thing because I have taken those bricks away for now. I was getting rather tired of stepping on them and hurting my feet or kneeling in impossible positions to get them out from under cupboards and bed and hurting my back. Oh wait, I've to kneel for the ball as well. Ah... guess what else is about to be confiscated?

Thank you all the same, MM and Rohini. It's easy to see you've had to amuse bratty little one year-olds in your time. Also, your gifts have given V and me hours of fun.


david mcmahon said...

Happy birthday, Bhablet ....

Rohini said...

So cool... if parents crib about the gift, you know the kids are going to love it! It should be another one of those Murphy's laws

Sue said...

David -- Thanks so much.

Rohini -- Yes, I can see that one's in the same spirit as the rest of them. Another one should be, "If your children can drive you up the wall they will."