Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Review of Kamala Das' 'A Childhood in Malabar'

Upsi, I can't get to your blog, so here is the link.

Incidentally, will you please enable access to your profile? I think you have to tick something or the other nowadays, so that Blogger Beta users can see it. Thanks!


upsilamba said...

I met her once, when I was 15 or so, in a retail showroom. Ran towards her and said, "I love your writings'. She held my hand and asked, 'your Amma allows you to read my stories?". We both smiled and went our ways.

Sue, her book "Neermathalam poothakalam" is also quite
awe-spiring. Donot know if there is an English translation. You would love it.
Thank you, Sue, for sending me the link. Your review is deep and seems to have a strong grip on the nadi (the spine) of the story.
for the record, I was reading "Indian Enlgish Poetry" by Sahithya Academy last night and came across a few of her works. Have you read any? If not, I need to send you this particular poem.
Access enabled now.

Sue said...

Upsi -- Yes, I have read some of her poetry. Browsed some when I was reviewing her autobiography and loved it. Please send me whatever you feel like, I'm sure I'd enjoy reading it.

I think it's really cool you met her. I would love to.