Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Quick Bhablet Updates

Ok, most of the news has gone into the newsletter as always, so here are a couple of things that I forgot to include:

1. The Bhablet is pretty much weaned. Has been for the last few months. I mean, I still breastfeed him once a day most days, and twice if he looks poorly, but it's pretty futile apart from the comfort factor. "Mummy's Yummy" has not filled his little tummy since he was let loose on the solids. Perversely, now that I don't have to, I continue to feed him early in the mornings, telling myself that it's good for his health. Even though I cannot complain of feeding problems, not anything serious anyway. And even though he takes his time, sometimes lazily taking as long as an hour, which I hate! I mean, lying in that weird twisted position for an hour is just not fair.

2. He can walk little distances if we hold him by one hand. We discovered this in a funny way. Normally he is happy to push this plastic chair we have round and round the room, or walk supported by us; but the last time Ma came to town, for Cousin T's grandfather's funeral, she absent-mindedly started walking holding on to one hand only. Since he was already standing holding on to her legs, it didn't strike her that he couldn't walk on his own. And it was only after they had both walked several feet that it struck her that there was anything the slightest bit odd about the whole thing.

3. Himself had a growth spurt a month ago and managed to outgrow everything he was wearing. So now his t-shirts are back to hovering around his belly-button. He has lots of new clothes but I'm reserving them for Durga Puja. Hey, what? It's only a week away. Ok? Ok.

4. He has finally figured out how to sound his chimes. That not only must he pull the cord but that he must also let it go. Perhaps he is finally sprouting a few brains after all. Actually, jokes aside, it's fascinating watching him at play. He has this thing about putting stuff tidily into boxes and then taking them out. He tries to see what shapes fit into what other shapes, what sizes go into which. I'm thinking of checking out some Montessori training guidelines. If he'd not been interested I wouldn't have bothered, but since I'm at home and he is finally showing signs of dawning intelligence, it may be worth exploring.

(I'm cross-posting this on the family blog. Now to wait for all that indignant mails from adoring Bhabblemanics!)


Mona said...

haha, i do that too. save hana's clothes for special occassions and let her wear clothes that are a tad small for her for just a few more days.
isn't it amazing to watch cognizance develop?

Itchingtowrite said...

congrats on the milestones..lovely idea of u having a family blog..

Moppet's Mom said...

Well done, walking Bhablet! And it is so amazing to watch them at play isn't it? I love watching Moppet doing her little 2 piece jigsaws with her tongue sticking out, turning the piece around till it fits.

DotMom said...

montessori is awsome. wish we could have put Chip there. But, do read my blog post today.

Rohini said...

I know just what you mean. I had a terrible, terrible time with breastfeeding and thought I'd be dying g to get it over with. But when Ayaan showed all signs of wanting to stop, I really tried to stretch it out...

Kodi's Mom said...

on 1, I was in that "pretty much weaned" phase for a whole year.
and no, that is not meant to scare you. he will wean when you are ready.
so cute abt his walking holding one hand...treasure it and videotape like crazy.

Shobana said...

Yooohooo! Bhablet is walking and is being weaned..for thambi, we stopped all of the day time feedings except when he sick or something...I am looking forward to put an end to the night time feedings soon....anyone, how do u get babies to drink milk from a cup or sippy? I've been trying to give it to him for a month now, and he doesn't take it all....just screams his lungs out.

Congrats again to Bhablet on his milestones and it is amazing to watch them grow...treasure those memories.

Kalyan said...

Point 4 suggests, he is an engg in the making. So, keep your fingers crossed.

Trishna said...

ditto on saving new clothes for special occasions.
And you are tagged!

Sue said...

Mona -- We're such vain mothers. :D

Itchy -- Yes, but it's a lot of work getting my relatives to post, darn it!

Moppet's Mom -- Yes, it is. I read so much about it but nothing really prepares you for the hourly surprises. I was looking out for a jigsaw too, for later.

Dotmom -- Have asked around, waiting for responses to Montessori research. Idea seems better the more I think about it.

Rohini -- I remembered our earlier exchange when I was writing that bit, actually.

Kodi's Mom --Actually, I know just what you mean and am not scared at all. He could have completely stopped two months ago, and there have been stretches when I haven't fed him for nearly two days. It's just that whenever he's the littlest bit poorly I automatically whip 'em out and stuff 'em in. :D

Shobhana -- Oh, I stopped the last, night feed very early on. Heard all the stories about comfort feeding going on all night and wasn't taking chances! The Bhablet hated the sippers and so we continued with the bottle. One fine day V just held a tumbler out to him and he had his water from there. Just like that. Of course, from his absolute infancy he's been used to the occasional spoon.

My suggestion would be, during meal times, instead of giving him his water from a bottle, give it to him from a dinner spoon. Hold it to his mouth and see if he sips. It's slow work and he'll spill, but he'll learn. Tumblers are easier, after that. That's what worked for us, I believe.

Kalyan -- That is what both his grandparents say, actually. They are thrilled, since the science genes seem to have skipped both V and me.

Trishna -- :) I've done this one already. Would you want me to do it again with another name?

Squiggles Mom said...

Well done Bhablet! He's growing fast isn't he?