Friday, October 19, 2007

Pass That by Me Once More?

You know how we Bongs are, right? Come Durga Puja and we wear new clothes. (I would ideally like to have about three sets a day.) And we go all out and get new blouses stitched so that we can wear the new sarees we are gifted for the festival.

So my mum walked out of the bathroom a few minutes ago in a new blouse (and old saree, she is only going to the shops) and began grumbling.

Ma: Just look at this blouse. Only got it yesterday and it's already too tight. When I gave these blouses for stitching they were all loose on me.

Me: (catching up on my surfing, so not really paying attention) Hmmm... you really should lose some weight, you know that.

Ma: (continuing to mutter) It's these last 10 kgs that suddenly crept up on me... they've only been on since the baby arrived.

And she is speaking of her grandson, of course.


Shobana said...

LOL :))) I had a good laugh over this one and Oh BTW, Happy Durga Pooja (or however the greetings should be).


Mona said...

and you'll be fine flying back, don't worry.
safe flight back!

Parul said...

heh heh...good to know that the mom doesn't need to gym alone...the granny and in my case, the husband can all join her in the battle of the post-baby fatloss!!

Rohini said...


upsilamba said...

Jee. Moms!!


Sue said...

Shobana -- Thank you. :)

Mona -- We were, but it was pretty exhausting with a hyper and tired Bhablet.

Parul -- LOL... This mom ain't exercising. It's as much as she can do to get herself out of bed most days.

Rohini, Upsilamba -- Mothers!

Trish said...

hahhahahaha she is so cute!!