Monday, October 29, 2007

Jiyon's Birthday

Jiyon's birthday yesterday. Today. On the 28th, I mean.

He came over to our place with V last night from Roxy (at 3 a.m.) and we all had breakfast together this morning. Welsh rarebit (which we Roys call dim-alu-tomato) and toast. Found out breakfast is a rarity for all four of us. V and I invariably skip, what with being too busy and J does too. Bad, bad habit.

They left, I ran around fixing The Bhablet's lunch, rice for V's lunch (which he skipped). V very kindly packed some sandwiches for me because Proof rehearsed all afternoon today. Rehearsals went on, were about as tiring as always and then I came home. Four hours of sleep the previous night, damn. I cuddled The Bhablet, dozed in snatches, got badly bitten (by The Bhablet and not by the mosquitoes -- I wonder if they realise how redundant he has made them?) and finally V, The Bhablet and I dressed up and dropped in on J. The birthday boy was planning to spend the evening lazing at home. R had brought him a fantastic walnut brownie cake and some champagne. We ended up having a late dinner at Mirch Masala. Excellent food, although the cocktail was a bit of a failure. The Bhablet spent his time rattling a spoon in one of the brass water tumblers they use there. He made like he was tossing muri -- altogether rather cute.

And now I'm home and dying to catch some sleep. Did the laundry, tidied away kitchen, cleaned part of room. Guest for lunch tomorrow, not to mention rehearsals in the evening. If you don't hear from me again you'll know I dropped dead. Send all wreaths, wishes, remembrances to V and remind him that it's all his fault, by pre-nuptial agreement.

God I love that man.


Mona said...

will do.

Rohini said...

He sat through a late dinner and rattled a spoon??? Do you have any idea how cool that is? We are just about getting to the stage where we can attempt a civilised meal in a restaurant in the company of Ayaan

upsilamba said...

Was just about to comment on the late dinner-rattling spoon-cool lil Bhablet, when Rohini came and left herself heard.

Anitha(Nikki's mom) said...

The Bhablet is a sweetheart. Take care lady!

Sue said...

Mona -- Knew I could depend on you.

Rohini -- I do, actually. The secret is his harness. We belt him into a chair, adjust to suitable height, and he's a happy camper. When he grumbles, we give him food to play with. Learnt to do this in Madras last week!

Upsilamba -- Yes, he's a real party animal.

Anitha -- Thanks. :)