Friday, September 07, 2007


For the last two and a half days V and I have not been on speaking terms. It has been one of our worst fights in recent times.

But we have been bombing each other as Pirates on Facebook.

I'm not too sure of what this says about us (and Facebook) and I'm afraid to ask.


Beq said...

I still dunno how to bomb other pirates...and I'm a heap big level 21 Pirate apparently....but I have no coins :(
Both of you're absolute gits!

Grafxgurl said...

ive TRIED to not speak to Ed when we have a fight. problem is, he keeps following me around when i try to sleep in the living room.. Gah. the ONLY plus to a fight and i cant have it. * sigh.

Mona said...

haha, a pirate application? i must get it!
now if only i can get the mister on facebook.

D said...

It means that both of you are totally normal human beings!!! And hey, I'm blogrolling you.

Sunita said...

Would it help to know there is someone else too who thinks she has had the worse weekend by all standards. You have company, you are not alone. :).

karmickids said...

Pirate. Wow. Am logging into facebook now. Lot of peoples to bomb...

Sue said...

Beq -- And you're an eejit. Arrr!

Grafx -- I pity you. V and I leave each other severly alone. Unless I haven't done yelling, and then I follow him around.

Mona -- I'll add you, then. See you on the high seas matey!

D -- Thanks. Am only sorry I'm on a break at the mo.

Sunita -- It was the week, not the weekend (which picked up a little) but yes, misery loves company!

Kiran -- Add me and I'll bomb yar silly. Har har har!