Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Meanest Meanie in the World

You know how I keep going on and on about V being a great father? He's a meanie, is what he is. The meanest meanie in the world. (That is what my then 8 yr-old cousin called him and I do believe she was bang on target. Kids sense these things.)

So The Bhablet was playing this afternoon. As is his wont, he picks up a toy in each hand and does whatever he needs to do with his hands full. He makes his way around the room hanging on to furniture by his elbows and wrists (not palms). He crawls with his hands full. He's such a grabber, really. We Bengalis have a custom of offering a baby various symbolic items (a book, earth, money, sindoor and something else I cannot remember) on a plate at the rice ceremony. The baby's choice is supposed to indicate the direction his life will take (academics, real estate, good earnings, marriage for girls etc.) The Bhablet grabbed at the entire plate. V's aunt rotated the plate so that he would be forced to let go and choose any single item instead but my son held on and refused to take any part of the whole, because he, a five month old, wanted it all. He still does.

And when he plays, he grabs something in each hand and moves around with his hands full. He falls a lot, but less than you'd think. This afternoon he was trying to hoist himself up to a stool standing between V and me. After a few tries he managed it, with a plastic car in each hand. I was proud of his dexterity, and V grinned too. But his intentions were far more evil than my simple maternal pride. The man grinned, reached down and brought up a third car and placed it on the stool. The greedy child reached out for it and had to let a car go to be able to hold the new one. The discarded car promptly rolled off down to the floor and The Bhablet had to start all over again. V had by now doubled up with laughter.

In case you were wondering, I chose the sindoor at my rice ceremony. Marriage at 23 and motherhood at 24 seems pre-set in my case.

Oh all right, I'm going to bed already. Stop nagging, y'all!


Moppet's Mom said...

LOL! Although V could argue that he's teaching The Bhablet a valuable life lesson here :-)

Moppet still does the same thing - she wants to pick up all her blocks in one hand, and howls in frustration when they don't fit. I must admit that I sit and laugh out loud watching her - does that make me a meanie too?

noon said...

Oh my god - why are kids so alike in some things! Even just an hour back the same thing happened with my son - he wanted to carry ALL the books in one bin and bring it to the couch and was whining away standing near the shelf when he couldn't!
Funny - although I have to say it is indeed fun to tease your child in such friendly ways! :)

dipali said...

Meanie is right! Didn't know that the little Bhablet was so all encompassing!

aargee said...

oh! even kiddo does that..and he is very happy if he is able to carry everything at one go to his destination...
Bhablet is all set since 5 months is it! good for you :)

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sue,

I like the sound of this Bhablet - ain't nothin' wrong with wanting everything that life can possibly offer.



Sue said...

Moppet's Mom, Noon -- You are all meanies, in the same league as V.

Dipali -- Again, the word you want is GREEDY.

Aargee -- Oh he was set from birth. Knew his worth and demanded it.

David -- Everybody likes the sound and the look and the look and the feel of him. Seems to be just me staying sane and rational out here.

the mad momma said...

would you prefer a husband who whacks your son on the head just to watch him topple over just as he is learning to sit.. every single time he passes him? thought not.

dipali said...

Sue, your son is far too gorgeous to be called greedy.
MM, your husband outdoes V in meanness, methinks! Hope he doesn't try it with Beanie.

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sue,

Don't know if Pat told you, but there have been quite a few Calcutta pictures on my blog - see `The Star Bangled Spanner', `Windows Vista' and `The Charge of the Lights Brigade' as well as several others.

Will be posting one, as a puzzle for you!

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sue,

Have posted the picture. See if you can identify it before you read the caption!



Oh, The Joys said...

So interesting to read of the tradition.

(And 3:13 AM?!!)

Kodi's Mom said...

Bhablet's greed is totally cute :) more stories about the little man, please!

Sue said...

MM -- I hope you smacked OA for that. I would've.

Dipali -- Nah, I think Beanie can handle OA all right. She's a smart kid and a go-getter seemingly.

David -- I'm sorry, I can't locate all these pictures on your blog somehow. Do you have a search box or something?

Joy -- Well, you're the one randomly twirling in your kitchen. We all need to do whatever we need to do to remember that we do not only exist for the benefit of our families. :) So, yeah, blogging in the middle of the night.

Anaatha -- Well, I did have another story. Let's see if I have time tonight.