Friday, September 28, 2007

Laying the Foundations

As many of you have realised by now, The Mad Momma and The Bhablet happen to share a birthday. I should look at MM and feel elated to think that my son will (hopefully) be so interesting, lively and so much fun, but I usually see it from the other end and wonder mournfully if MM also induces so much hysteria in her parents. (If the answer is yes, MM, I strongly disapprove. With a wagging finger, no less.)

Anyway, to mark the happy occasion, when V met her in Delhi last month she kindly sent some nicely-wrapped gifts for The Bhablet. She even managed to persuade a cranky V to carry them, although he had to carry an extra paper bag to be able to do so. (She also sent me some stuff, really nice stuff, but those could be crushed, unlike these gifts.) One gift was a feeding set (sipper, plate, spoon and fork) with a frog theme. The other parcel contained a set of bricks which are currently fascinating The Bhablet.

So yesterday afternoon, taking into account his cold, he was kept at home and left on the bed as much as possible. We gave him the bucket of bricks and he was happy enough taking them out and putting them back in to the bucket. Then V and I both remembered our own childhood fondness for building bricks and generously reached out to show The Bhablet what to do with the pieces. He started building on one side and I on the other. The Bhablet didn't seem to like it much though, ungenerous child, and starting pulling the bricks out of our hands and putting them into the basket. So we distracted him and sneaked them back out when he looked away. I think he got a little exasperated because he snatched them away once more and this time, firmly placed the lid on the basket.

We can take a hint, thank you.


~nm said...

Good going Bhablet! You really need to tell these adults who owns what and that they need to take your permission for doing anything with YOUR stuff! :D

Moppet's Mom said...

LOL! Moppet and I fight for her blocks too! She keeps taking apart what I'm building and adding it to hers, she wants the ALL, the little greedy guts :-)

D said...

Did I tell you - your kid is tooooooooooo cute!

the mad momma said...

yes, I do exasperate my parents. you know why? BECAUSE THEY MUST HAVE BEEN MEAN PARENTS LIKE YOU TWO. how can you sneak his blocks away you horrible kids???????

(runs away in tears - must have evoked some deep rooted mean memory :p)

Poppins said...

Lol Lol esp at TMM comment ! What nutty people you all are :)

Kodi's Mom said...

kids, stop stealing the Bhablet's blocks- ask MM for your own!

Sue said...

NM -- Bah! I'm God around here, or didn't you already get that?

Moppet's Mom -- Exactly. Just because we were trying to teach him to share we get all this criticism.

D -- No, but feel free to mention it whenever you like. ;)

MM -- You have issues, dearie. Want me to find you a shrink?

Poppin's Mom -- Certainly not. I'm a font of wisdom and sanity. So there.

Kodi's Mom -- Nah, we wouldn't be so rude (and what if she really did get us some!)

dipali said...

Poor Sue and V- here you are trying to educate your child, and
then getting all this flack.
I'm also a great believer in pinching the kids' chocolates- saves them so much dental torment:)

Sue said...

Dipali -- I beg to disagree. Chocolates and bricks are not at all the same thing. And we were not finishing up his bricks, merely demonstrating how to use them. And we fully intended to return them when we were done.

Opaline said...

"She also sent me some stuff, really nice stuff, but those could be crushed, unlike these gifts."

HAHAHA! My god! =D