Sunday, September 30, 2007

I'm an Island of Sanity

So I was in the kitchen the other day, Very Busy, and V was babysitting The Bhablet. I stuck my head out of the doorway and saw V sneaking away those bricks, as usual.

I heard some funny noises... If I were to investigate all the funny noises in this house during their waking hours I'd be even busier than I usually am, which is definitely not welcome, so... I ignored them. (It sank in after a while that someone was humming the theme of Johnny Sokko and His Flying Robot.)

Work took me to the room a little later. V held up something he called a robot (with a wheel for a nose) and told me with a hilarious mixture of defiance and sheepishness that he'd made it. I made polite sounds and ran back to my cooking.

Some more funny noises, louder this time.

Went back to find the bricks all over the floor and a triumphant Bhablet. V, this time combining fatherly pride with annoyance explained that Bhabzilla had destroyed the robot.


Anansi said...

good one! 2 kids on your wonder you're not sending out those newsletters anymore (hint hint)

Anansi said...

do send us more pics of rahul. he looks adorable and yes happy bday to him!

Mona said...

go bhablet!

dipali said...

Yeayyy Bhablet! Yenjoy!

dipali said...

Yeayyy Bhablet! Yenjoy!

First Rain said...

Johnny Sokko - Oh I so remember the missiles coming out of the fingers :P

Yayy, for both V and Bhabelet!

Errrr... what were you cooking? :D

vicky said...

Bhabzilla, not Bhabletzilla! You think the Nips'll give their stamp of approval your version of the name?!

Kodi's Mom said...

should we call this the revenge of the bhablet? :)

Sue said...

Anansi -- Yeah, yeah, will do. And thank you.

Mona -- Yes, right. We'll wait till Hana turns into Hanazilla, ok?

Dipali -- Can't get through to your cell. Been trying since Sunday.

First Rain -- Chilly Chicken. With a dash of honey. I call it Sweet Heat.

Vicky -- Whatever. Still the same monster.

Kodi's Mom -- Sure, why not? Also, he's a Year of the Dog kid, so you could say that that dog had his day.