Monday, September 03, 2007

I Have to Praise You Like I Should

I'm not sure if any of you have noticed, apart from MM who couldn't miss it if she tried -- but The Bhablet turns a year old later this month.

It's coming at me from all directions. Charlie The Spud just turned one, and I have always enjoyed his stories especially because he's three odd weeks older than The Bhablet. So you know, if one is climbing up stairs I find the other follows suit in no time; or if one is teething away, guess who is also erupting a continent away? It's fun to follow not just one little horror but two out of a similar mode, all the more so when you have to deal directly with only one.

I keep mocking The Bhablet or grumbling about him, so, tonight I will write about all the things that I like, admire and appreciate about him. Because there is plenty that I do like, admire and appreciate.
  • He doesn't hold a grudge. He has a fiery temper and it is easily provoked, but he is just as quickly appeased and forgives you for your misdeed very soon.
  • He is really good about food. It is only of late that he gets so distracted and wants to run away as soon as his initial hunger has been appeased, but from day 1 he has always been hungry and willing to eat. V and I were both picky eaters, and I see babies around me refusing even the tiniest little taste. My complaint with The Bhablet has always been the opposite, i.e. he gets so angry when he is hungry, it's a task to calm him down enough to get something down that little gullet.
  • He is a strong little boy. He looks smaller than other babies but is usually taller than them.
  • I married the man with the most wonderful smile in the world (well, I sure didn't marry him for his looks) and his Bhablet of a son inherited that same traffic-stopping grin.
  • He knows when to give up -- and when to persevere. When he sees that V and I are both banded against him he quickly throws in the towel and moves off to further mischief elsewhere. But when he is trying to figure out a way to do something, say trying to get a box inside another one, he keeps on at it all by himself until he gets it right. He doesn't know I'm watching, but I am, and I'm always so proud of him when he does it all by himself. Even though I don't tell him so either.
  • There is not much that he is afraid of. He is scared of the whistle of the pressure cooker and he doesn't like V and me fighting violently. And he takes a minute or two with strangers. But he is wary, not scared, mostly. This worries me because in fear lies a safety, but yes, in the end I'm proud he is not a coward.
  • He makes so many people happy. They would all have been happy with any baby but this child of mine seems to have inherited his mama (my brother)'s special charm that works on everybody, no matter how upset they may be with him. This reassures me when I fear for his future because of his temper. Having lived with the charm, I am fully aware of how useful and potent it can be.
People have been ringing me up these last few weeks asking about the party I'm supposed to be planning. I don't know about that. A first birthday party will be or us more than for him, and we're really low on funds. Can't imagine having one without calling both family and friends, and anyway his birthday's on a Tuesday this year, so it's not convenient for office-goers... I'm basically thinking of skipping town. Heading out for the day like we did for mine. Actually, V suggested an amusement park, which The Bhablet would enjoy more than a day-long drive, and I think that's a good idea. But that still means no party, and that will take some explaining. All I hear is how we (read I) deprive this child, and no doubt this will be dragged out and he will be told over and over how he should hold it against us, until he begins to think he really should.


the mad momma said...

fiery temper and no grudges - thats my beautiful nephew taking after his aunt.

glad u sent it the way you did though a park would be as much fun!

Sue said...

MM -- I'd have prefered a park, to be honest, but I guess the greater common good prevailed. Doesn't it always.

I admit it's way better to be hot-tempered and quick to forgive than to be slow-burning and prone to grudges.

Poppins said...

Oh how I long for a boy like that one! Sigh. The grass is greener on the other side :)

Opaline said...

Big hug for your beautiful boy. =)

saptarshi said...

Don't know about others, but I think The Bhablet is the most adorable thing in this whole world. It might sound crazy, but when I am really down and wary I take a look at the pictures of The Bhablet(that i save in a folder on my comp)and it fills me with awe. :)

Also, I know a couple of friends who think the same way. Dhruva for example has the Bhalet's picture as his desktop pic. I used to do that too. But I removed the picture since I found it too distracting!

The Bhablet Rocks!

Sue said...

Several years late, but Popsicle, Opaline and Saptarshi -- THANK YOU