Monday, August 20, 2007



Just to clarify, I'm anti-walker myself. I agreed wholeheartedly with Spock's reasons for banning them -- they don't teach the babies how to actually walk, they give them higher reach without them being old enough to understand that they should not reach for certain objects, they fall and are dangerous near stairs. This one was a gift. Not very baby-friendly and I hid it away for as long as I could. Vicky finally insisted that we use it because it was getting harder to keep The Bhablet out of the kitchen and the bathroom.

It helped in that he was no longer on the floor and couldn't get at some stuff. But he could reach others, and he was no longer in complete command of his body. Also, the seat is awkwardly stitched and any baby would have a hard time learning to walk in it. And lastly, it's too low so he had to bend too far forward to be able to grab the handle as he walked. We used it purely to keep him off the floor from time to time. Now, of course, it's back on top of the cupboard.

I have been looking for a push-chair for months. Haven't found anything I like, so I've gone back to walking him myself, from time to time. Obviously, it's not the same thing. Then again, I don't really mind restricting his mobility, given how we live.


The one we zeroed in on this summer didn't work out so we are looking again. Anybody know a 2-bedroomed place, preferably no higher than the first floor, with modern conveniences and parking, for a reasonable rent?


Just when I had been grumbling about never getting any, Katy threw me with a "You're such a wonderful mother, Sunny!" Did I ever mention how much I love and admire this lady? Because I do. She and the rest of the other Roy family have given me friendship, a home, shelter in the middle of the night, food, company and many hours of comfortable laughter. Currently, Katy and Dana babysit The Bhablet while I attend rehearsals for Proof. I know they enjoy it, but it's still a big deal for me, because I know only too many other people who would not see it the same way. I think it's wonderful that I should return to acting after so long for a Red Curtain production. I'm still pretty nervous, but not as insecure as I might have been.


Still has his nasty cold.

The Bhablet:

Seems to have one as well. He was also sent some lovely clothes by a certain Mad Aunty. Hurrah for handmedowns, ses I.


Poppins said...

Oh it's a gift, yeah you feel bad for not using it when it was gifted. Does Rahul crawl? Don't know if you mentioned it in any of your older posts.

dipali said...

Looking forward to seeing you and The
Bhablet and the new second hand clothes:)
All the best for the house hunt.

Kodi's Mom said...

oh if only you lived closer! I have a neat little push-walker that Bhablet would have loved...
if all else fails, you can always try the the old fashioned three wheeled wooden push cart-type thingies. they are tried and trusty!

the mad momma said...

now you frickin tell me when V's left and after i send off this damn birthday gift. this post could have come a few days earlier Ms Roy

Sue said...

Poppin's Mom -- Yeah, he's been crawling for a long time now.

Dipali -- Thanks, we'll need all the luck we can get.

Kodi's Mom -- That's exactly what I've been looking for, actually, just can't get one anywhere.

MM -- What, you'd have made him carry a walker? You overestimate his love for The Bhablet, methinks.

Mona said...

i was gifted a walker too and i don't know what to do with it. i don't plan on ever using it.
look at juniors and maclaren for their strollers and pushchairs.
i adore the maclaren line, if only it wasn't so bloody expensive.
and hey, gotta tell you too, i think you're a great mom. all moms are great moms, the best moms. if we weren't, we would never have been given our kids, yes?

the mad momma said...

no you underestimate my powers of persuasion :) i am very nice in the real world!

SM said...

Hmm, my experience with walkers was great, actually. Maybe I just got the right kind. This one had a huge base which totally limited Ananya's reach, and made the whole thing very stable. The contraption looked like a UFO though. Why the walker made sense for me was becasue Ananya started crawling verrrrrrrrry late, and she was rather unhappy when she could move around.
Here's a picture of the thing:

SM said...

oops, I meant she was rather unhappy when she COULDN'T move around. Butterfinger!! Literally. I am tucking away aloo ka paratha smeared liberally with butter as I surf!!! :)

Sue said...

Mona -- You got a point there! :)

I don't think much of the quality of Juniors' stuff -- they don't last. As for not using a walker, it's your choice really.

Mm -- Really? Of course, if it were Bean doing the persuading I'm sure V would have brought it without a second thought.

SM -- My cousin used a walker and she never had an accident. Thing is, babies who are as violently mobile as The Bhablet are more at risk. Not exaggerating here -- we know plenty of kids around his age but he's the only one who seems to be bent on breaking all limbs as early as possible.

Also, this walker is really not very baby-friendly. I think stuff like walkers and prams should be bought by parents or that the parents should be consulted at least during the buying... Many people buy expensive gifts without any notion of how dangerous they can be for babies.