Friday, August 31, 2007

Perfect Day

At some level I keep fighting motherhood. Take this blog, for instance: I have steadfastly refused to let Sunny Days morph into a mommy blog. To that end I don't post as many photos as you'd like (ok, also because I'm lazy) and I do not put up a baby age ticker. I do not write as much about a certain Bhablet as I would like to. Because you see, to me this blog is a reminder that he is only a part of my life. Even when he has grabbed up the lion's share, it is only a share.

And now my baby is eleven months old, and his birthday is 25 short days away. Was it only a year ago that I grumbled through the nights and made V's life miserable and waited and wondered what Fudge would turn out to be like?

Tharini's latest post made me think about my day. It has had its storms and I was about to go to bed feeling dissatisfied with life. But she just made me realise I've had a pretty perfect sort of day myself.

I woke up not too late. I missed the maid so she obviously left odd jobs undone, but nothing drastic. Managed to feed and bathe Rahul at a decent hour and yet go and see our 'new' flat. We hope to move in a couple of weeks. Once he was packed off for the morning I started my cooking. I made rice, for him and for us; dal; methi chicken. In between I chatted on the phone with Dana for a good half hour -- a rare luxury. I did the laundry, sorted out the dried clothes, sent some out for ironing. Dealt with salesmen. Cleaned up the kitchen, the living-room. Had a bath. Entertained Anupam.

V woke up and fed R. Anupam and I had our lunches in the meantime. Trouble occurred afterwards as V had a headache and R was being troublesome. I have started potty-training in the initial stages and he still makes a fuss over having to sit on his little 'throne'. It led to a nasty flare-up between V and I, and he was not talking to me when R and I left for my Calcutta Walks trip.

Anupam reached our rendezvous late.

But the day was perfect because:
1. We finally went and okayed the flat and figured out what we need there.

2. I cooked and fed my family (and Anupam who was there till lunchtime) and all the dishes turned out well (thanks be!)

3. V and I made up within twenty minutes of our departure (The Bhablet's and mine, I mean) from home. Which is not as common as it should be.

4. The walk went well. It was short but we found a couple of interesting places and spent our time fruitfully.

So yeah, home duties done, R cared for (but I'm never taking him for another walk, too much weight to lug around) and things smooth between V and I. Work gone well.

And I was offered a seat in the Metro.


dipali said...

What more can one ask for? A little sweetness in the mundanities of daily life is all that it really takes.

the mad momma said...

you're trying to potty train an 11 month old? have fun :)

noon said...

OMG - potty training so soon. You guys are all AMMAZING! My son is 24m old and I am not even thinking abt it yet!
You seem to have had a lovely day...
Good luck with your new flat!
And glad you started eating at least* when you became pregnant! Sheesh - I only have some 25 plus years to wait before my son starts eating well then! :)) (just saw your comment in my post)

david mcmahon said...

Hi Sue,

Sounds like you are actually Superwoman in disguise, if you can cram all that into your day.

Don't stress about potty training. It happens at different stages with different kids. Don't put yourself in a situation where it becomes stressful for you and your bubby.

Put your feet up and get your husband to bring you a gin and tonic!

Planethalder said...

I have to admit, I love reading abou peoples' daily routines - whether at work or at play or doing chores around the house. This was one of my favourite posts of yours!

Poppins said...

That's a nice way to look at it.. But you do sound down lately, why???

Grafxgurl said...

sigh.. life..
sometimes i get so bored with it.But thats for a nanosecond. Then someone goes Boom.

Kodi's Mom said...

it is all in the perspective! and your day sounds filled with a promising future (flat oked, a good walk etc). glad you looked at the positive angle.

Sue said...

Dipali -- Yes, it's just that I have got used to ignoring the sweetness and lingering on the defeats.

MM -- Well, I'm trying to get him to be comfortable on the potty, spend a minute or two after each meal. The way it's shaping up, that will take another six months.

Noon -- See above about potty-training. The Bhablet spent a fortnight with a badly upset stomach and I went nuts cleaning his nappies all day.

I figure your son's appetite will pick up in his teens at least. All teenage boys eat so much! See the previous post.

David -- Yes, yesterday I was Superwoman. :) I just didn't realise it until afterwards. I compensated by sleeping all morning today. V pulled his weight then.

Planethalder -- Oh I do these posts from time to time. So drop in by all means. :) It's such fun, isn't it? Sort of like reading someone else's journal/daily diary.

Poppin's Mom -- I don't know. Probably tiredness. I have had more to be upbeat about these last few months than before, I've to admit that.

Grafx -- Oh yeah, life! Like Lali says, boredom really is a matter of choice.

Kodi's Mom -- You're right, not only was it fulfilling, it was also full of promise. I didn't think of that either. Thank you.