Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Let's start with the salesmen first.

Two landed up at my place this morning, selling dhoopkathi (incense sticks) for some blind school. I told them to come back later because I was just too rushed at that point of time, and they did return, so I said I'd take a pack.

They were selling the sticks in Rs. 20 packets, and wanted me to buy 12. You kidding me? I'm not saying the product is bad, though pretty expensive for ordinary incense, and I am willing to help out for a good cause, but honestly, I would rather be allowed to decide for myself how charitable I want to be.

They asked me to buy at least five packs, and said that a Rs. 20 sale would not do much. I felt like telling them that I value my Rs. 20, and it certainly does a lot for me. V and I are both pretty badly in debt. We are going to Hyd. on Friday for a wedding and we just found out last night that the tickets were bought for July by mistake and not August, so there went another huge sum, getting new tickets for the round trip. I am willing to help out anybody who has to go around begging for assistance door to door. But when I say that I will give so much and not more, and you repeatedy tell me it's my duty yadda yadda to loosen my purse-strings further, you stand a good chance of losing the little bit I was willingly giving in the first place.

Trying to make somebody donate by making them feel guilty is a pretty cheap tactic in my book.

Then, if I hadn't been thinking badly enough of men because of this, V went and got me into a very silly sort of faux pas. He came to me saying that his cousin and his wife were going out this evening and had asked if I would like to join them. (V has had a nasty headache all day so I assumed that he had already declined on his own behalf.) Accordingly, when I had a free moment I gave the cousins a call and asked them what the plan was.

After a few minutes of talking at cross purposes it emerged that the couple had planned an evening out for themselves, and had asked V to give them a few suggestions about where to get certain things. Imagine my feeling when I realised that I had been blithely turning down an invitation that was never made!

Glaring at V made me feel a little bit better, yes.


First Rain said...

Men! Sigh!

Squiggles Mom said...

Men live on a different planet don't they?
And I hate it when people decide for you how much you should give in charity.. they somehow assume that is the only bit you will ever give!

Grafxgurl said...

i hated it when puja time came around and those idiots would come to our door asking for chanda.. and then if we refused they'd get upset and start bad mouthing us.

what right do they have to come asking for money and then TELLING us how to give it!!

sometimes im glad for the way things are here in the US or even Bangkok.. you dont have people coming around and acting all arrogant when theyre asking for money as well!!! good grief!

sometimes though when you "help" people who ask for money your not helping much.. really.. their attitudes stink.

Sue said...

First Rain -- :)

Sqiggle's Mom -- Well, it would be easier on our nerves if they did live on a separate planet, but since they don't, they drive us batty!

Grafx -- Yeah, I hate the assumption that I owe it to them. Like hell I do, what have they ever done for me or mine?

Poppins said...

Uh oh that sounds awkward and Grr about the salesmen !

Sue said...

Poppin's Mom -- :)

rg131729 said...

Poor V.
And I always thought that women lived on an entirely different planet- not the other way around.