Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm very shallow like that.

At this moment I'm simply yearning to travel abroad and shop for clothes. I'm pretty sick of most of my wardrobe.

Except for my sarees, of course. And the three new salwar kameezes I just had stitched. (Which I'm saving for Puja and can't wear now.) I pretty much loathe every single stitch of Western wear I have. I liked the pair of jeans I was bought for my birthday but after a couple of washes it has expanded (because I certainly haven't lost weight) and now need altering. And I loathe and detest and heartily dislike everything else in my wardrobe. (No, you may not have any of them, though. I may change my mind next week.)

There are sales all over town and I can't buy a blessed thing. Got no money. Got no time. Got no energy. On a holiday though I would window-shop a lot and am sure I would buy. Anyway, I hate the stuff on sale too.

I want:
1. A couple of sleeveless kurtas from Khaddar (who are closed every time I pass by) in jewel colours.

2. Some new skirts that fit me. Not like the ones I currently own which are more corset bottom than skirt.

3. Some excessively feminine, tailored-looking blouses. With lace yokes, and soft colours and pin tucks. You get the picture. All I have are t-shirts and spaghettis.

4. Some dresses. The floaty, flirty, feminine kind.

5. New shoes. I want to throw away all the pairs I currently own, which all look shabby, except for my gold sandals and my silver sandals.

6. New handbags to match these new clothes.

7. A couple of bandanas. (The Bhablet has taken to attacking my hair.)

8. Some funky hats. A fedora to wear when I drive.

9. Long earrings. Silly, pointless, sexy danglers.

10. A couple of pairs of capris. In bright red and army green, relaxed fit.

I guess what I'm saying is that I want to stop looking so mother, so damn practical all day. I don't want to wear clothes which allow breastfeeding, and aren't lacy enough to trap small fingers and aren't glittery enough to have the boy pull at them.

In case any of you who are reading this post happen to be related to me (and therefore have to buy me something for Puja) please refer to list above. Consult me about your budget, I will work it out. And if none of my relatives are reading this -- dammit, give me money this year!


Opaline said...

Poor Sue. I got new clothes but I'm so bloody fat I dont feel like wearing anything nice.

vicky said...

Sure you want to wear a hat while driving?

Moppet's Mom said...

Oh, I sooooo know the feeling.

I'm surrounded by sales, fabulous clothes and shoes - oh god the shoes! But I have this weird thing about not spending too much money on myself because I'm not making any anymore. It's stupid, but I can't help it.

Sunita said...

Oh I know what your are talking about.
I want to go shopping as well and buy all I need in one shot, than getting them like "chindis", one this month and then one next month...takes the fun out of shopping totally.

Suki said...

Ah, join the sick-of-my-wardrobe club!
Cheer up, girl. You don't look old or even typically mother by a long shot if that last snap is anything to go by. (The fact that i haven't yet referred to you as "woman" should speak for itself :P). Pop into New Market and pick up a bandana or two, it's fun and a huge hairsaver! Or ask me over and I'll get 'em for ya ;).

Lady Latte said...

Sounds like me when I come home from vacation, and put on some kilos. I guess it is also a reaction of having to go back to work with barely no clothes to wear... But I never buy them then, I want to lose the summerkilos first. So every year I end up with the same problem.

Poppins said...

I love love love this list. I need to go shopping now !

Grafxgurl said...

err.. you'd better move to the US for that then...
Or canada. the best clothes i found were in Canada.
Sigh. i miss it so much.The shopping!!

Squiggles Mom said...

Oh Sue... at least you can fit in to your clothes. I've just been shopping and the only stuff that fit was 3 (yes three) sizes bigger. I can't wait for when I'm back to normal or anywhere close to it so I can wear the most impractical stuff too.. look and feel like a girl again and not a mom.

Rimi said...

Opaline always steals my lines :-(

Rimi said...

Not bright red but, Sue. Pick something else.

And people thing I'm being rhetorical or plain exaggerating when I say this, but I've actually, really, truly grown horizontally out of my wardrobe. Not a single skirt, trouser or pair of jeans fit. Not. A. Single.

the mad momma said...

i hate it when u read my mind.

Sue said...

Srin -- Bloody fat people have bloody fantastic cleavage. That's what I found out this year.

Vicky -- Well why not?

Moppet's Mom -- Well, that's precisely why I'm not shopping, actually. The second I earn I'm willing to spend on myself, but until then, I haven't even bought myself a nail polish remover. Only spending on strict necessities.

Sunita -- Yeah, I wouldn't mind one big binge!

Suki -- Money, energy, time, child. Thanks for your offer, but it's really the experience I want as much as the clothes.

Latte -- Kilos aren't lost. When you accept that, you can go shopping. Then Murphy's Law kicks and you lose all that weight so you can wear your old clothes. Repeat next year.

Poppins -- Yeah, rub it in, why don't you!

Grafx -- I pretty much adored Singapore, especially for the accessories and skirts. I have a problem with their sizing though -- not meant for Indian figures!

Sqiggle's Mom -- Give yourself some time. I've waited ten months... I hastily altered some silk sari blouses at about your stage, and now they are too big!

Rimi -- I had a pair I just gave away. They looked awesome on me. :)

So wear saris for two months straight. People will think you have a more svelte figure than you actually do.

MM -- Why? I thought we were soul sistahs here.