Thursday, August 09, 2007

Enrich Your Word Power


Katy: So Sunny, what did you think of Proof?

I: Aaaarghh! It was great, it was horrible. I didn't know what to believe at the end of it. Each time I was so sure, and then he went and confused me!

K: Maddening, wasn't it?

I: Maddening? It was a Bhablet of a play!

I had a Bhablet of a day yesterday. Today started out that bad but then picked up.

Just saying.


dipali said...

A new word for humankind to ponder over!

First Rain said...

A "Bhabelet" of a day! Why is that so strikingly similar to doing a "Monica" from Friends! :P

Sue said...

Dipali -- And that's why I posted it here.

First Rain -- Because his mother was told all through her youth that she was doing a Monica?

Suki said...

"Bhablet of a play" indeed, LOL!