Friday, July 06, 2007

Unreasonable, I Tell You!

The Bhablet just does not play fair. Ever since he was born and I started talking to him, I repeated in front of him, "Baba... Baba... who do you call? Baba?" I'd go on like this all the time. And sure enough, his first proper word was Baba.

And who does he call when he wakes up crying in the night?

"Emmmm... Ma... Emmm... Ma!"

I just know V taught him this. Else, it's the genes. Either way, they both gang up on me.


dipali said...

But of course! Male bonding reinforcing mother as doormat!

Itchingtowrite said...

i know the feeling. when people used to ask what does the kids talk, the MIL will say daddaa/ taataa but never acknowledge that they say maa ,

shub said...

(sorry, I'm grinning :D)
reminds me what my Mum says, in times of pain, the Mum gets remembered, in times of comfort the Dad :)

Dipta Chaudhuri said...

Oh god... my son (10 months) has said 'Baba' first and I am hearing no end of the 'male bonding' thing!
Now if the bloke says 'mama' when he needs the diaper changed or something, then I've had it!

Anansi said...

Contrary.. That's what the kid is :)

Noticed your recent about me section, ally, polly and harold remind me of this other friend of mine, she used to name all her electronic appliances, quite imaginative they were too, the names

Sue said...

Dipali -- Bullseye!

Itchin -- I was talking about something slightly different but I know what you are talking about very well. In-laws keep raving on what an excellent father V is. Nothing about me. I wouldn't have minded except that my family keeps on raving about what a gem the son-in-law is (and still nothing about me.)

Then I think there are limits to my selflessness, thank you very much!

Shub -- Well, it's just not fair!

Dipta -- You betcher life.

Sreejita -- We would be nicer, happier human beings if we named more things. That would take up a great deal of our time and divert it from more dangerous activites. I think.