Friday, July 20, 2007

Tagged -- To Judge

I did this little dance in my head when Mad Momma tagged me this one. One of my all time favourite activities is judging people. And I judge them when

... they keep me waiting or make me late. I used to be fairly punctual, but now, thanks to V, I'm always late. Even when he is on time I'm late. I'm sure it is catching and I caught it from him.

... they judge me. V and I often argue over family members criticising me. He doesn't think they do. I know they do, because it eventually comes back to me. Well, they don't know that I think pretty poorly of them for not being able to criticise me or my ways to my face.

... they dress cheaply. By that I mean gaudily, vulgarly, in poor taste. My own clothes usually are not very expensive. Even for my trousseau my mother and I roamed all over the place looking for bargains. As a result I had a huge trousseau that didn't cost half as much as people thought it did. I don't like people dressing badly though, and I don't think price is an excuse. When I'm not making an effort that is because I'm tired or depressed. But I don't think anybody else is allowed to make that excuse!

... they drive badly or stupidly. They are endangering me and my family when they do that.

... they encourage their kids to dance to gimmicky Hindi songs. Do they understand the double meanings implied in those lines?

... they allow their kids to run riot in public. I know toddlers are hard to handle and teenagers will be sulky (well, I was) but honestly, if they ruin somebody else's outing, they ought to be taken home and spanked. For instance, if your 3 yr-old is playing peek-a-boo with the folks at the next table, they are probably enjoying it as much as she is. But if she keeps on pulling at the handbag of the lady at the next table she is just making a nuisance of herself and needs to be stopped, not 'lovingly admonished'.

... they think that just about everybody is trying to flirt with them. It is hardly ever true. (Come on, everybody?) If you are that attractive, good for you. But please don't come to me 'complaining' about it.

... they keep their hair long but don't take care of it. If they can't be bothered to comb it, wash it, tie it up, they ought to just chop it short.

... when they keep telling me what an insufficient mother I am and how deprived The Bhablet is. They don't know how fiercely I judge them for ruining their own children's lives.

... they don't teach their sons domestic skills and they don't let them grow up. Given the society we live in, sons need their freedom at a fairly early age. I know these words will be thrown back at me in a few years but I will still maintain that I wrote the right thing, at least.

... they don't acknowledge my gifts. I don't usually give out so many and when I do, I try to take some trouble over it. A phone call would be nice. A simple "Thank you, what a thoughtful gift!" works for me, even if you don't like what I got you.

... they have to go around in groups. You know what I mean. I'm talking of the people who need their friends around when they want to go out on a date, who refuse to take any decision alone for fear of later implication, who refuse to look beyond their small, personal circle. I know I'm being unfair here, but there you have it.

But in my defense, when I judge people I don't usually do much about it. I like to slot people, like Miss Marple does. I think she is entirely accurate in her categorisations of human nature, because people by and large are the same everywhere. So once I slot a person it gives me a sense of satisfaction, but that is really as far as it goes. And I am always open to revising and changing my opinion. To me, first impressions are not so vital.

This is a dangerous tag, all right. So I pick Grafx, JAP, M and Megha to do it.


Grafxgurl said...

ooooooooooooh boy this one is gonna be fun!! lol im doing this in my next post hahahaha!!!

SUR NOTES said...

aah judgements that pretty much match mine. of all the judgement lists i have been reading this one hit home.

and the hair thing- if you have hair like mine - impossible to take care. and we curly thick haired people should be allowed to grow our hair for sometime. short hair gets boring.

and solution to people not acknowledging gifts -i just call them and ask- did you get my gift? did you open it? hope it is something you might like....

the mad momma said...

aarrghhh... the ones with kids dancnig to hindi film songs. i feel like smacking them! and errr... really, you should do something about that poor deprived child of yours.. its shocking! !!:P

the wannabe indian punkster said...

Ohhh, is the megha in the post me?

Sue said...

It was the other one but I don't think you've done the tag already so I instantly tag YOU too!


the wannabe indian punkster said...

Yikes, I walked into that one didn't I?

Drat and double drat. ;)