Saturday, July 14, 2007

A Matal Moja Proposes... A Sober Juto Disposes

Moppet's Mom wrote about how she got engaged, following the thread started by Grail. (Note that I refrained from saying trail.)

Anyway, I just had to chip in with my story, because my story, V's and mine, is a hoot. When I broke off the relationship prior to this one, I decided to enjoy singlehood. And I decided to enjoy this in part with V and his gang, as the archives show. When V began to sit up and note my undeniable attraction (I think he was looking at my butt mostly, he's such a dog!) I was flattered but prefered the headiness of being single. After having been in two emotionally draining relationships for five years in a row, I was enjoying the mingling.

And then we went on our first date one night. I'd just burnt my hair and cut it all off to hide the burn, so I was looking very different. And feeling very nice about my new look. And then V took me to dinner and a movie (something which hasn't happened since, except when I have planned it). Feeling considerably wooed, I then took him to this party, where we both got good and drunk. While I was just drunk, he was the drunkest I've ever seen him. Eventually we got ourselves onto a mattress in a quiet room and I tried to fall asleep. V had other plans however. Eventually, when I got it across to him that I'd really rather sleep, he insisted on drunkenly sliding one of his rings onto my finger (it was huge!) and asking me to marry him.

He doesn't remember any of this or what else happened that night. So when morning came along, I thought I might as well make an honest man out of him. But I thought a drunken proposal deserved some punishment, so I made him wait another month. Typically, when I told him I was willing to give us a go, his reaction was, "Does this mean I can kiss you now?"

Despite my grumbling I still think I did the smart thing. V's such fun to get drunk with.

No, I didn't sleep with him that night. Not that it's any of your business.

The title is explained by a joke created by V's idiot friends... they thought that Sue was a very wannabe name, so they made it Shoo, as a Bengali might pronounce it. From that to Juto (Bengali for "shoe") was a fairly short step. And that made V a moja (sock), and since he drank so much, a matal (drunk) moja.


Mystic Margarita said...

I love the title of this post :)

Moppet's Mom said...

Admirable restraint, Sue, on the 'Grail trail' :-)

And loved your story! I hope V is sufficiently grateful that you saved him from being a fallen man? :-)

the mad momma said...

LOL! I think it takes some Dutch courage to propose. most proposals are made after a couple of pegs...more than a couple in your case!

Suki said...

Yaay! Another Juto!

Since "Suki" is also pronounced "Shuki", that seems to have become "Shoe-key" or "Juto chaabi". Figure that!

And yeah... the story seriously is a hoot! :D

@Moppet's Mom: "Fallen man"???
:dies laughing: . After hearing about the "fallen woman" throughout my first college semester, that's hilarious!

Squiggles Mom said...

I'm glad you made him wait :)) and nothing like getting drunk with your partner!!

First Rain said...

My sympathies to every waiting man - fallen or not.

Hope the matal moja and sober juto pairing has many such memorable hungover occasions! :P

Opaline said...

My gott, I read your archives through.

Sue said...

Mystic -- So do I!

Moppet's Mom -- I don't think he is, actually...

MM -- The man had four pegs of vodka to get through the marriage ceremony itself! So much for romance.

Suki -- Heard about Rumki? "Ghorer chabi"?

Squiggle's Mom -- So am I. The last time I felt in control of my life, that was.

First Rain -- Oi, long time no see! He still drinks, but I seem to have lost my taste for it. Can't imagine why.

Srin -- You need to go get yourself a life. Or do some studying or something. The archives are NOT inspiring.

Beq said...

My god!!! Is this becoming a knitting session for moms??? I remember that night though..much other drama happening else where at that party as well...ah well

Sue said...

Beq -- Yes, a lot happened at that party. :D I remember other things too.

Parul said...

HA HA happy I am not the only one...really, its not flattering to think that one is the only one so formidable that it takes a LOT OF TEQUILA to inspire romance in men's hearts!!

HA HA HA...well done!!

Trishna said...

hahahaha I just read this!! such a cute n funny story!

Sue said...

Parul -- I prefer to think we both married mice. The extra-cowardly variety.

Trishna -- Yes, it's pretty funny. All the most romantic moments with this husband of mine are pretty funny.

karmickids said...

Lurvvvly. And yes, what is about this take charge of the entertainment plans before marriage, and leave it to them wives after marriage....there's a conspiracy out there.

Sue said...

Kiran -- I really can't complain -- this was the only time he ever did make all the arrangements for any date. Before and after the wedding. *Sigh*

Anonymous said...

this is really nice!

bird's eye view said...

That's a really fun engagement story!