Monday, July 02, 2007

If you are living in Delhi...

... this is what you missed. I strongly suggest you catch the next show, because I know these guys and, trust me on this, you want to be there when they perform. You really do.


the mad momma said...

well you could have told us before the show you know!

Beq said... I flattered or am I flattered...but sadly Sue...its too much paraphernalia to cart to Cal. Believe me we would all like to play there...and DON'T blame me for Dear Prudence...what can I do if 3/4ths of the band likes it as well??? I sang it to you, if that can make amends...and to Wee
Next up, Honey Pie and Rocky 'bout that?

Sue said...

MM -- I know, my mistake.

Beq -- Not good enough. I sang Rocky Raccoon to Wee and he liked it. Also seemed fascinated by the way my mouth moved during 'Blackbirds'.