Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Take a Bow, Y'All

Since my blog readership seems to be changing a bit these days, what with the two (or perhaps three) new readers I've acquired, and old folks complaining about the change in nomenclature, I feel it's time to set the record straight. Or, as Douglas Adams so succintly put it, hopelessly crooked, once and for all.

V is the husband. We dillied (and dallied) for about a year and a half, and I took him up on his drunken proposal of marriage and now I'm busy paying for my sins. He's not so bad if you focus on his nice side. Although I admit, given his extreme skinniness, it's hard to focus on him at all. But really, that's my job, so you don't have to try your hand at it.

The Bhaeblet is our baby boy. At the rate he's growing he will soon be our grown-up son but right now he's only eight months old. He manages to drive us up the wall about twice every hour without fail but we happen to (secretly) think the world of him. I usually call him The Bhaeblet but he came into this blog as the Fidgety Fudge or F and I'm considering going back to that. Easier to type.

And that's all you need to know. Me, I'm all over this place anyway.


ushmi said...

he has got a lot of hair...dekhlei hath bolate ichhe kore...hehe! (checked your album in orkut)

Beq said...

8 months!! It seems forever...as well as yesterday since I got that excited call from V and then jumped up and down so hard that I almost fell of the terrace!!

Sue said...

Ushmi -- Yes, he does now. He was born with even more. :) Who are you on Orkut, then?

Beq -- It seems like yesterday that I woke up in a nursing-home bed and put out a hand between the cot-railings to touch him and reassure myself that he was really there, my own baby.