Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Tagging Along

Came across this tag at Crazymumma's and decided to do it. Just like that, and because I should be doing other things.

These are the things that have been a part of my life so far --

4 Jobs

Freelance journalist
Freelance scriptwriter
Actress (Yeah, I made good money for six months)

4 Movies I love

I love movies. I especially love the atmosphere of darkness that they encourage. I find it very comfortable to sleep in.

4 Places Lived


4 Places Vacationed

Darjeeling (Hey, I'm Bong, where else did you think I'd go? And I love the mixed platter at Kev's, so there.)
Puri (see above, except for Kev's)
Badrinath and The Valley of Flowers (same trip)

4 Dishes I can make

Without a cookbook (and with a toaster) I make some real mean toast. With a cookbook I can make most things that do not require steps more than half a page long. With a microwave however, I can take over the world. I only haven't done so yet because I've been busy.

4 Sites Visited Daily

Sunny Days
Yahoo Mail, My Yahoo
A random selection from my blog links on the right.

4 places I would rather be

Tonight? At a nightclub somewhere.
Or in bed. Holding a friendly V, not the snarling monster he can be sometimes.
In my bedroom in Vizag as a sixteen year-old wondering what the future held. It'd be fun to discover a Bhablet all over again, I'm thinking.
Or I could be in bed. Being held by V while I play games on his cell phone.

I'm not tagging anyone either. Do it if you find it fun. And may the Fours be with you.


Anansi said...

This is nice- I'm going to do it! By the way I guessed the red herring correctly in your last tag ;) or was it the last, been a while since I dropped by.

Sue said...

Sreejita -- If you know me, it sticks out a mile, so no prizes really! :)

Hiren said...

Especially suggestion for 4 jobs in which I think Freelance Blog Writer should also be there and I think that will be the best one for you.

What do you say?
Nice blog anyways but one doubt I have. what type of this article can we refer to(means category)?

Sue said...

Hiren -- It is categorised as a tag.