Friday, June 08, 2007

Shameless Plug

I do not believe in mixing business with pleasure (unless it comes in the form of liquor and a very sexy man -- oh wait, where's the business?) but I just wanted to show off our site. V's planning to revamp it, but in the meantime I love what he's done with the Portfolio section.

Oh, and since I brought up liquor -- allow me a clarification here. As of last Sunday I have given up liquor forever. And this time I mean it. Not another drop of alcohol will cross my lips. I will visit Olypub, but I'll have those beefsteaks without the beer. (I'm told that can be done somehow. Well, I'll find out how that's done.) And I don't want to hear any sniggers about it. This time I'm serious.


Mrinalini said...

Try imagining the beer and not the beefsteak.
That, has been done. I am also possibly the first Oly Pubber to have tasted the Veg stuff on their menu. Chana Kulcha with onions. Not bad.

Rimi said...

But WHY? I sense much juicyness :-) (I'm, obviously, not referring to the steaks).

Sue said...

Mrinalini -- Sounds awful. And that's nothing to be proud of, young woman!

Rimi -- Er, I'm not telling. But definitely connected to pic in the next post.