Thursday, June 14, 2007


I'm in a blogging frame of mind this afternoon, so you may get more than the three posts shown on this page. Please check the archives if you were looking for a recent one.

Ok, I have been meaning to link to these two ladies for a while. Both I admire (although really, it would be hard to pin down any one reason why) and both taught me in University. Although there were other teachers who impressed, these two teachers of mine might have ended up teaching me the most I ever learnt in those five years. (And that's not just because one of them kept teaching courses that I kept taking.)

So, with a grin and a bow, let's move aside for

Supriya Chaudhuri at Novel and Modernity

(This one's mostly for those interested in literature, philosophy and a little football.)

and then grin once again and hop over to read

Rimi B. Chatterjee at Live Like a Flame.

(This one's a mixture of a lot of things, including a link to the JU admission form.)

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