Thursday, June 28, 2007

Late Night V

I: (whining) I never seem to get anything done. Other people have kids, they manage the house, the children and even jobs, and just look at me.

V: You do plenty. Who are these other people anyway?

I: Well, look at P. She does all this stuff for her daughter and here my son is lucky if he rates a massage once a month. I don't even cook for him.

V: She doesn't have to do any household work. And how do you know what she does all day anyway? Next.

I: Well, what about T? She just went back to work.

V: Who? Oh her. We hardly know them. You know even less of how well she copes. Who else?

I: There's R. She went back to work, and still manages to spend so much time with her son...

V: You sure she exists, right?

I: (Not really hearing him) ...and there's MM. She has two kids and had no maid and did all the work and freelanced.

V: You also do a lot... How do we know she really exists?

I: (struck by the thought at last) You mean they could just be syndicates?

V: Could be.

I: (cheered by the thought) Oh good.

I: (on further thought) You mean I could also be a syndicate of writers?

V: (by now barely awake) Sure.

And then we fell asleep.


the mad momma said...

oh yes.. absolutely right. syndicate. thats the answer!! that V is a bright man.. :)

Sue said...

MM -- Sure, isn't that why I married him? Couldn't be because I needed a driver, surely.

Anansi said...

Sunny dear, you
1) Take care of the Bhaeblet
2) Of V (somewhat at least)
3) Keep yourself healthy
4) Blog!
There that's four, more than most of us selfish young singles do :) Come to Tua and me when you need to feel better about these things!

dipali said...

Very very sweet post. I loved the syndicate!

Sue said...

Sreejita -- Thanks!

Dipali -- So did I!

aargee said...

Just came across your blog...nice one..really loved going through it. Keep blogging!

DotMom said...

ROTFL. clever.

mummyjaan said...

How sweet.

Trish said...