Monday, June 04, 2007

I'm It

Funny thing, my blog celebrates its fourth birthday (yesterday, if you're quibbling about dates) with a rare tag post, from Rohini. I do believe this is my second ever tag.

I understand the rules to date are to put down nine random facts about yourself, with one of them being false. Well, I'll change it around a little. When I was about 12 years old I realised my many moods had a lot to do with the many names that follow me around. Apart from my formal name (Sunayana) I'm also called Sue, Sunne and Sunny; in addition I have two pet names because my parents agreed to disagree on that issue, and so I'm also called Ayesha and Phuli. That's a lot of names for one person (and perhaps it explains why I'm so comfortable with The Bhaeblet having as many names as he has months.) Anyway, I figured out I have days when I'm Sue (cheerful and rather rebellious) , and days when I'm Phuli (traditional, temple-visiting, a bit mischeivous) and so on. So, I will not write out nine facts but seven -- as the original tag from Talena went, each of which describes something about one of my many Mes, and of them one will be utterly untrue. V will know which one, but it's up to the rest of you to guess.

1. I like to drive my car. I'm a hopelessly nervous driver and was slapped with a 'fine' (read bribe) on Saturday for going down the wrong way in a one-way road. I also managed to dent, scratch and make two holes in the left side doors. But I like to drive nonetheless. Even if my knees are shaking.

2. I like wearing the minimum possible clothing. In fact, I'd happily roam around my house naked except that I realise I have a small boy growing up around me.

3. I like the sunshine. Even in the summer. I stay away from the afternoon glare, but a day doesn't feel quite right unless the sun's been out and bright.

4. I like to wear sarees but I'm hopeless at managing them. I need about an hour and a person to help me put them on. And when I've got them on I wouldn't dream of attempting anything more difficult than walking in them.

5. For all that most people see me as a very loud, passionate person, I can actually be very cold and distanced. I'm good at seeing people as they are, not just as they want to be seen, warts and all, and I'm good at that because I can stand away from them, no matter how much they mean to me.

6. I love chocolate brownies. I love most chocolate things but I don't like Hershey's chocolate syrup.

7. V's my hero. Mostly I'm mad at him and use my blog to snipe at him but I never let anyone criticise him to me. He really is my hero.

And let me end with a song --

Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Sunny Days
Happy birthday to you.


Sh... said...

Hmm...knowing you for a long time now it should be either 4 or 5....all others are too much the kaali billi i know :))


First Rain said...

Why, Happy birthday then! :D

Rohini said...

Happy Birthday. I love driving too but my problem is over-confidence!

Sue said...

Shriya -- Yeah, 4's the red herring, but I'd expect you to know that. How dare you give away more nicknames!

Rain -- Thanks. :)

Rohini -- I wouldn't mind knowing how that feels... would make a change from knocking knees.