Sunday, June 10, 2007

Here Comes the Sunne

Because you asked for a pic, and I couldn't resist showing off:

The little thingummy on my calf is Polly. You can't make her out so well, but the close-up pic is on the Mac and V is busy. Later maybe.


I was this dressed up for what was my first mixed night out since, oh, forever. V was babysitting and cheering me on, and he doesn't like clubbing (I do) so don't waste your breath feeling sorry for him. Anyway, things went well, and all was fun, until the morning after. And then I gave up alcohol. I think I've been doing well on that, incidentally. Still haven't touched a drop, despite repeated tempting by V. (Am considering crossing my fingers at him. Would that make him go away?)

Since my laptop's finally on the 'net and I hardly use the Mac any more (so there, Mr. Jobs, the Mac has a lousy keyboard) I'm pretty sure I'll never get around to posting that close-up of Polly. Anyway, take my word for it, she's pretty hot too, in a very understated way.


Mystic Margarita said...

Hey Sunayana - you look gorgeous, more so considering the fact that the Bhaeblet was born not-so-many moons ago! Way to go, gal! :) I have been a regular here - found you through the mad momma - would you mind if I added you to my list of much-loved blogs?

shub said...

whoa! This was after your delivery?! Gorgeous woman, you! Yup, we should totally meet up over a drink and discuss (sigh!) Lynne Truss!

Rimi said...

Show off! :D

You realise this showcases your gorgeousness more than it does the tattoo? If I was Polly I'd be staging a protest march. Upload the zoomed picture already!

Oh, and I'm serious about the Amnesty thing. Do mail. Pretty please.

Moppet's Mom said...

Wow! This is post-Bhaeblet? So I can't blame my muffin-top on Moppet any more? I think I hate you :-)

Hiren said...

You look the wonderful and its good to share the pics on the blog(I wanna follow your footsteps but searching for good pic of mine :D)

Just count on the no. of viewers of your profile before and after this post(or put one counter for this post) and I am sure that you will be surprised.

Grafxgurl said...

its you!!! its you!! and HOW did you lose the baby fat?!!( not that i had any.. but for the future .. you know )
now i can really put your face up on every post you write.
sorry for not commenting more often. Married you see. with lots of love to be shown to the
Loved your post on almost public sex. and its fantastic youve given up drinking.. never did appreciate people doing it.

Sue said...

Mystic -- Thanks.

Shub -- I'll take you up on that. But I've given up on alcohol. :) So make it, er, I don't know. What else can one drink?

Rimi -- I suppose that may have been a subconscious reason...!

Moppet's Mom -- Muffin-top, huh? I think I like that. I still have mine, but sucked in, in the pic.

Hiren -- Nah, it didn't strike me. Too late now.

Grafx -- Breastfeeding. I'm pretty sure you'll be rabid about it, so don't worry, you'll lose it all. Besides, I have a personal trainer who ensures that I have very little time to eat or sleep, and that way you lose weight fast. Not to worry about the lurking, I understand.

shub said...

err...I was just using a phrase. Orange juice, perhaps? I don't drink either.
Loved your latest post. Touching. Hugs!

Sunita said...

Wow!!! You look gorgeous!!

Now everytime I decide to do something about the flab, you are going to flash in front of me with that figure and what were you showing us...I forget.

the mad momma said...

ladies and gentlemen - i present to you - the number one reason for having kids young.. ta da!!!! you look awesome! and you have the tattoo i want.. is unfair.

Sue said...

Shub -- Ok, one orange juice date coming up. I'd rather have coffee though. You name the time and place. I'll be the woman flashing the red marker. :)

Sunita -- Oh, I have flab, it just doesn't show in this pic somehow, so I posted it!

MM -- T'ank 'oo.

The Piper said...

Love the picture. My hellos to polly!

p@tr!(k said...

wunderbar! just in case you need a german compliment!

Sue said...

Piper, Pat -- Thanks, you guys.