Thursday, June 14, 2007

Gimme the Munnee (Please?)

I'm working again. I scouted around, looking for folks who need stuff written, because I'm your vulgar hack writer. I don't mean I do porn (I find it too funny) but that I write whatever you need written, dictated to your taste. In other words, I prostitute my MA and am quite proud of my ability to write in different styles. I often think that's why I enjoy this blog, because here the voice is entirely my own, and you can make out the changes in me down the years.

Anyway, so I'm back to reviewing new books and writing my old column for The Statesman. An excellent reason to buy the paper, if only on the Thursdays (children's supplement) and Sundays (reviews). I toyed with the idea of auditioning for an AIR slot, but realised, to my disappointment, that that was asking for too much from a hard-working V and his I-want-your-attention-now son. Oh well, there's time ahead. Only thing is, The Statesman takes a couple of years to cough up their meagre payments, so I'm really working more for the love of the thing than the ready cash. That and the free books. Hey, so I'm honest.

Actually, I was dying to get back to writing stuff that would have to measure up to a certain standard. Funnily enough, that was because of this post that a B'lore newspaper printed -- sans permission -- and which on a later reading came out as being Very Badly Put Together. So Sue got her act together, got her laptop online, and got a life. Or something like that.

Oh, and when I wrote again on the whole Orkut/park issue, I was careful to re-read and then post.

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