Friday, June 15, 2007

For You, on Your First Father's Day

Last October, when The Bhaeblet had just been born (referred to then as the Wee Bhaeblet, or WB) I wrote about V coping with fatherhood. As common sense will tell you, being fond of children is no guarantee that fatherhood comes easy. In fact, fatherhood may just permanently cure you of your fondness, if you aren't careful.

Well, V took to it like a duck to water. I, caught in the welter of post C-section pain, sleep deprivation, leaking breasts and too many aunts, hated him for it, but deep down, I was mostly envious. I'm not saying he assiduously changed every nappy and kept his temper against all odds and so on. He is after all not a saint. But he coped with a demanding 12-hr work schedule as well as a new baby and survived both, and I found that pretty impressive eventually. (Then I was too busy snarling to notice, sorry love.)

He left his job and began his freelancing when The Bhaeblet was a month old. That takes guts (and a lot of support from me, duh). And all through the rocky months that followed, when he had his bouts of depression, when things between him and me could have been better, he still coped with fatherhood better than you'd think. I keep saying 'cope' because what with his sleep issues and colic, The Bhaeblet was not an easy infant.

And now The Bhaeblet is nearly nine months old, and I see certain things:
  • He listens to me better when V is around.
  • He eats better, quieter and more when it is V who is feeding.
  • He falls asleep easier when it's V who's on bedtime duty.
I think that says more than I possibly could. So I just wanted to tell him, on his first Father's Day, that he's a good Baba, and all three families (his, mine and ours) think the world of him for that.

(Perhaps this post isn't entirely about him, all said. An encomium or two may have crept in, for me. But this is my blog, so who cares.)


Grafxgurl said...

This is extremely encouraging to me...seeing as Ed is extremely wary around kids and had no idea what to do with them...He likes the idea of children too.. but theres no saying how good he will be with them... i hope he is a good father.i have to beleive that.

Suki said...

:). Nice, very.

Happy Father's Day to him, and a very late Happy Mother's day to you too!

Rohini said...

That is just awesome. As far as Ayaan is conncerned, no one else exists when I am at home and while it if flattering, it is also exhausting when he won't allow me a miunte away while hnging out with his dad...

Rohini said...

I have been away for so long, I almosr forgot. I got the book and thanks a million for the eating set for Ayaan. He picked up the cup immediately, pretended to drink out of it and said 'Coffee!'

Poppins said...

Very Nice.. I guess the dad are the new moms :-)

that girl in pink said...

:) that's sweet.

that girl in pink said...

and also educational. i learned a new word today: encomium.

thank you sue! :)

the mad momma said...

that is so sweet...very similar picture here. c-sec issues.. leaky boobs.. and a patient husband. the brat behaves much better when his father is around.. i guess its because they see so much of us all day.. i dont mind at all.. its beautiful to see them together

Sue said...

Grafx -- No reason not to believe that until Ed actuallys proves that he's a bad father. Innocent till proved guilty, right?

Suki -- Thanks an' all, child.

Rohini -- Ok, you need to teach him to be alone with his Dad. He's old enough, and lord knows we all need a break, even if it's only an afternoon of window-shopping with no men around. Nor sons. :)

Glad he liked his gift.

Poppins -- Nah, Ma is still Ma. She is ignored, screamed at, and laughed at, but when all is not right in a Bhaeblet's world, it is Ma who must be around. :) Baba then is usually only a substitute.

Pink -- Not at all!

MM -- The Bhaeblet was born an MCP. Perhaps they all are. But yeah, even that has its advantages.

ushmi said...

how is the wrist?

First Rain said...


Sue said...

Sunita -- Nor had I!