Saturday, May 26, 2007

Just Thought I'd Mention a Few Things

1. The laptop is perched on a step-stool while I type, and on the mattress in front of me, there's The Bhaeblet. We are playing peek-a-boo and I think having a child may just be fun, after all.

2. I got me a new haircut the day V arrived here in Madras and I love it. I've always wanted a fringe, and this whole layered, flirty look suits me as much as I'd hoped. Thanks, Wishful.

3. V and I got ourselves two tattoos on Thursday afternoon. Mine is of a sea-horse and I have decided that it's a she and that her name is Polly.

4. We're off to Calcutta tomorrow night. The Bhaeblet's first train journey and I'm more nervous than excited.


Rohini said...

Where is the tattoo?

Sue said...

Rohini -- On the back of my left calf. I like wearing skirts, so it seemed like a good idea.

ushmi said...

post cut + tattoo

Rohini said...

yes. since it is on a pretty non-controversial body part, pics are definitely called for