Thursday, May 10, 2007

In Which I Come Across as Being Exceedingly Small

So I met my best friend E online the other night. We ended up discussing, among other things, her love life and a common friend S. Excerpts:

Me: So, how are things?
E: [Guy who is interested in her, we'll call him Interested Guy] is driving me crazy.
Me: Oof. I don't think he has any integrity. Shall I tell you why? You do not hit on a girl who is dating your friend. No ifs and buts about it.
E: Well, technically speaking, [ExBoyfriend] wasn't much of his friend...
Me: So? He still knew you were seeing him.
E: And he did not know I was seeing [Ex-Boyfriend] until fairly recently.
Me: You told me he knew!!
E: My mistake.
Me: Ok, I guess I misjudged him.
E: Hmmm...
Me: But see, any guy who comes with you on your holiday all the way here, it's easy to see he is interested in you. :)
E: He didn't come with me, sweety. That was [Another Guy], [Ex-Boyfriend]'s best friend.
Me: Oh wait. Wait. Now I'm terribly confused. All this time I thought these two guys were the same one! Now do you see why I thought so badly of [Interested Guy]?
E: No, [Interested Guy] left town long before I was seeing [Ex-Boyfriend].
Me: Er...

A little later:

Me: Did you hear S [that common friend] is likely to get married sometime in July?
E: Are you going?
Me: What, do you think I'd be invited?

[Things got rocky between S and me last year although we were very good friends once, or so I like to think.]

E: Wasn't it in the common mail she sent to everybody?
Me: Well, she left me out of whatever mail this was.
E: Well, did she ever talk to you about it?
Me: No, she never contacted me in any way at all.
E: Well, it's her loss.

[Struck by sudden thought I quickly go through my archives and whaddya know, I find a mail from S, sent to all the friends, including a common invitation to all.]

Me: I do apologise. I was in her mail. By name. In fact, now I'm feeling all ashamed. I never even replied to that mail. I meant to but evidently I forgot.
E: You should.
Me: Oops.
E: Congratulate her at least.
Me: Yes, I know.

You see, some nights a girl just can't win.


the wannabe indian punkster said...

Awww, we are vonly human. you dont come across as badly as you think you do anyway. Pah! :)

Sunita said...

WOW!! that was some confusion!

About the Sleep thing... can I write to at some emailid?

Sue said...

Megha -- Ah, I still feel very small.

Sunita -- Yes, it was. Very embarrassing.